Prince William doesn’t want to meet Prince Harry

Invitation declined! Harry and Meghan don't want to visit him

In the case of the British Royals, the house blessing is very wrong – the spat has now even gone so far that Prince William does not want to meet his brother Prince Harry for the time being.

What’s going on with the British royals? Although Prince Harry (37) and his wife Meghan (41) are currently in England, Prince William (40) apparently refuses to meet his brother – the Daily Mail reports. The reason for this should be the memoirs that Prince Harry wants to publish this winter. William does not want to take the risk of getting involved in further discussions about the book and possible revelations, it is said.

According to “The Sun”, William and his wife Kate (40) are concerned that possible conversations between the two couples could be used against them – especially in the new Netflix documentary, which will show excerpts from the lives of Harry and Meghan.

Only 800 meters away

It is particularly strange that Harry and Meghan live just a few hundred meters from Prince William and his family at the beginning of their European tour, which begins in Great Britain. A short country lane separates Frogmore Cottage in Windsor from Adelaide Cottage, where William spent the weekend with his family.

Not only is the relationship with his own brother more than unhappy for Harry – the relationship with his father, the British heir to the throne Prince Charles (73), is said to be very tense. Meghan recently reported in the US magazine “The Cut” about a lost relationship between her husband and her father-in-law, and now the dispute is also entering the next round.

Harry doesn’t want to go to Balmoral

Charles is said to have tried to mend the rifts between himself and his son by inviting him to the estate in Balmoral, Scotland, but he declined. According to “The Mirror”, the 73-year-old has repeatedly emphasized that Harry and Meghan are always welcome to live with him in the royal summer house – probably also, according to the British newspaper, because Charles has his grandchildren Archie (3) and Lilibet (1 ) miss. The renewed invitation is said to have fallen on deaf ears, especially with Harry.

A palace expert had also explained to the “Mirror” that Charles wanted to calm the tense situation and take stock during the days spent together on Balmoral. “But the invitation remains,” says the expert. The two parties to the dispute would not have had much time together anyway – Harry and Meghan’s big Euro tour starts today, Monday. The couple will go to London first, and then to Manchester on Tuesday. Finally, on Thursday, the two will open the one-year countdown to the Invictus Games in Düsseldorf, Germany. Neither Harry nor Meghan was available to the press there, according to the British “Telegraph”.

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