Singer Pink wears transparent banana bra

Does the tomato have eyes? No, bananas on the breasts. Singer Pink shows herself on Instagram in an unusual look. And that's not all.

She proves again and again that Pink has a sense of humor. The musician doesn’t take herself too seriously and can laugh about herself.

This is also shown in her latest post on Instagram. There she presents herself to her 9.6 million fans very lightly dressed.

The highlight: Pink wears a transparent bikini top. Only her nipples are covered by three banana peels from the part that looks a lot like fine mesh fabric. “Weekends at the lake and a new ridiculous swimsuit,” Pink captioned her photo, in which she shaded her eyes from the sun and laughed happily at the camera.

Another detail catches the eye of fans of the “Dear Mr. President” interpreter despite the banana breasts. The 43-year-old has a very red décolleté. “Sunscreen! You’re burning your bananas,” someone warns. “You’re the coolest, I love your bikini,” is another statement.

This is how Pink’s husband reacts to the revealing pictures

Pink’s husband, racing driver Carey Hart, sent several emojis, which appear to show how attractive he still finds his wife after 17 years of marriage. He sends smileys that drool. significant.

And Pink has another surprise in store. The photo with the semi-transparent bikini top isn’t everything. If you click on the small arrow in the middle right of the picture, you can see the singer as she was born: naked.

Pink only covers her nakedness with a few self-designed characters, a heart and a star. She explains in the accompanying text: “If your husband doesn’t try to scare you every five minutes when you shower outdoors, you haven’t lived.”

The couple seems to still have humorous moments after a long time together. But that is probably not always the case. Taking to Instagram, the artist once wrote, “Marriage is awful, wonderful, comfort and anger. It’s boring, terrifying and a total nail-biter.” It seems to be the mix that makes it.

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