Ekaterina Leonova reveals her relationship status

There is always speculation about the love life of the “Let’s Dance” professional. Now Ekaterina Leonova speaks out herself and clears up the rumors.

“Let’s Dance” has been one of RTL’s hits since 2006. When celebrities twirl across the TV floor with professional dancers, millions of fans turn on the television.

But it’s not just the candidates’ rhythmic skills that are a topic of conversation. There is always speculation about affairs between the dance partners.

Especially with fan favorite Ekaterina Leonova, the rumor mill has been bubbling several times in recent years when sparks flew during passionate performances on the dance floor. She has already been rumored to have had affairs with dance partner Gil Ofarim and, most recently, Timon Krause.

“If I have a boyfriend”

The 36-year-old has never commented on this and generally keeps private matters to herself. Now “Ekat”, as her fans call her, has made an exception. During an Instagram question and answer session, one of her more than 300,000 followers wanted to know: “Are you actually taken? So do you have a partner by your side?”

This time the dancer surprised with an answer. “When I have a boyfriend, I enjoy the days off with him. And as you can see… yes, I don’t see anyone either,” Ekaterina wrote, sharing a photo of herself lying alone in the sun.

The 36-year-old is currently in Turkey with a man and he is actually her current “Let’s Dance” partner – Detlef D! But Soost has his whole family with him. The choreographer and his wife Kate Hall offer fitness and dance classes at a local hotel.

Since the current “Let’s Dance” season, which has been running on RTL since mid-February, is taking a break over the Easter holidays, Ekaterina flew along without further ado.

So the two of them don’t get out of practice, because on April 5th they have to prove themselves again in the next live show.


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