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Bribery Scandal in the US Navy: Admirals suspected of corruption / Breaking News


Two admirals in the US Navy to be involved in the machinations of a Navy contractor from Singapore. The head of the company is already sitting in jail because he paid other officers for information, and they should have rewarded with prostitutes.

Secret information are taboo for two admirals in the US Navy since Friday. The two men were temporarily on leave and relieved of their intelligence duties at the head of the armed forces, that they may be involved in a major corruption scandal, as the “Washington Post” reported.

Thus, it is possible to compounds of the admirals about Glenn Defense Marine Asia , based in Singapore . The CEO in turn sits in jail since September , because he should have bought other officers information , as a reward , there was therefore cash and time with prostitutes . Already several other officers have been arrested , according to the newspaper report about it.

The ” Washington Post ” reported that the alleged involvement of the two gives the admirals scandal a special dimension . Finally, there was the task of men to protect sensitive information of the armed forces . However , so did the US Navy announced the allegations relate to the time before the two men held the admiral rank.

Just last week, the ” New York Times ” had reported arrests in connection with the affair. Accordingly, the company has , for example, an officer paid $ 100,000 and rewarded him with luxury trips and prostitutes.

The newspapers report , the Group had a contractor of the US Navy . For 25 years, the company would take care of ships and submarines of the Navy in Pacific ports by about fueling and waste disposal.

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