Till Lindemann wears a provocative t-shirt

Till Lindemann seemed to react indirectly to the allegations against him at the past Rammstein concerts. Now his choice of clothes comes to the fore.

What does Till Lindemann want to tell us with this? Several serious allegations have been made public against the Rammstein singer since May. This includes sexual assault. He had the allegations denied by his lawyers, and the presumption of innocence still applies. In addition, the 60-year-old is silent. But there are still reactions from him.

Rammstein is on a major European tour until the beginning of August, and in past performances it has been noticed again and again that Lindemann has changed lines of text in such a way that they could inevitably be interpreted as an indirect reaction to the allegations. He also attracted attention in this regard during their tour stop in Poland – but not on stage.

Several pictures are circulating on Twitter, all of which capture the same moment: Till Lindemann comes out of a building accompanied by two men, there is a barrier on the right-hand side, behind them are fans with cell phones in their hands. The T-shirt that Lindemann wears is striking. It reads “Kill Till” in large black letters on a white background.

The motif is strongly reminiscent of a cardboard sign that a person had with them in mid-July at a demonstration against the band’s Berlin concerts. Here, too, the two words were written in black on a white background.

A brief search reveals that the pictures of Lindemann in said top were taken in front of the Hotel Monopol in Katowice, Poland. Nearby is Chorzów, where Rammstein performed on Sunday evening.

It was the first of two concerts that Rammstein are giving in Poland. Then, on August 3rd, the last three performances of the tour will take place in Brussels.

Rammstein: Till Lindemann wears “Kill Till” shirt

Lindemann tries to beat his critics with their own means

In the past few weeks, a number of people have shown their protest against Rammstein singer Till Lindemann with “Kill Till” shirts. With the provocative slogan, based on Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” films from 2003/2004, demonstrators did not call for the 60-year-old rock musician to be killed, but rather meant to “kill” Rammstein’s music and the behavior of the singer. : Several women accuse Lindemann of abusive behavior, the Berlin public prosecutor is investigating against him.

Lindemann had recently reacted to criticism with mockery. After rhyming final announcements at his concerts (“… in the end, the truth will come out”) and modified song lines (“… and the singers don’t fuck anymore”), he is now apparently trying to beat his critics with their own means: he too is now carrying , as photos and videos show, a “Kill Till” T-shirt. “Holy shit Till really said FUCK ALL Y’ALL” comments one fan. Others probably recognize a summer trend here: “Where can I buy the shirt?”

Meanwhile, on Thursday (July 27) Shelby Lynn gave a speech before the Women 100 meeting at the Hotel de Rome in Berlin. In it she spoke about allegations against Rammstein’s singer Till Lindemann and encouraged women and girls to fight against a culture of abuse.

At the end of May, Lynn spoke publicly in a Twitter thread about her supposed experiences at Rammstein concerts, particularly the said “Row Zero”. As a result, other women made allegations against Lindemann, but also against keyboardist Flake. Band and singer vehemently deny this with the help of their lawyers.

Lynn’s speech began with a question for her audience. She asked that anyone who “knows a young woman who was attacked” raise their hands. Around 90 percent of those present raised their hands.

“In 2023 we shouldn’t still be fighting for basic human rights”

“I think that speaks for itself that something has to change,” says the Irish woman. “It can’t go on like this anymore. I don’t understand how this is so ingrained in our society. It’s accepted, it’s no longer news when someone is sexually assaulted or raped. Girls get murdered.”

She also appeals to the women present to become aware of their power: “In 2023 we shouldn’t still be fighting for basic human rights. This will stop at some point, but not just by me alone. Girls, everyone here – we have so much power, you have no idea how powerful we are together. In the last three months since this happened to me – look at what has already happened! How many changes there have been in those three months.”

She also says that the impact of abuse on the psyche cannot be ignored. “Many, if not most, of these girls suffered really bad mental health damage afterwards,” says the 24-year-old, referring to Lindemann’s alleged victims. “Some of them never get away from it. Your life will change completely. You will lose everything. Her home probably, her family. Women who now have serious eating disorders. Just because they had to do with Rammstein.”

“I’ll never shut up”

“I’ll never shut up. Never,” emphasizes Lynn at the end of her speech. “Just one thing: women, know your limits. If you don’t like something, say, ‘No, that’s not okay!’ Don’t accept everything just because everyone else says so. If you don’t feel good, say no! Set your limits! Get these people out of your life!”

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