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Why Italians Honored a Fascist Butcher General Rodolfo Graziani ? / Italy News

Italy memorial to Fascist hero Graziani sparks row.

A political row has erupted in Italy after a memorial was opened to Fascist commander Field Marshal Rodolfo Graziani, a convicted war criminal.

Graziani was honoured with a mausoleum and memorial park, built at taxpayers’ expense, in a village south of Rome.

He was notorious as Benito Mussolini’s military commander in colonial wars in Ethiopia and Libya where he carried out massacres and used chemical weapons.

Italy’s main leftist party has protested against the commemoration.

“Is it possible to allow, accept or simply tolerate that, in 2012, we dedicate a park and a museum to the fascist general and minister Rodolfo Graziani?” asked Esterino Montino, head of the Democratic Party in the Lazio region.

Rodolfo Graziani after Amba Aradam Massacre

He pointed to the “crimes against humanity committed by Graziani in Ethiopia in the 1930s”, La Repubblica newspaper reports.

Graziani was sentenced to 19 years’ imprisonment for war crimes in 1948 but was released from jail after serving only two years, and died in 1955.

Who is  Field Marshal Rodolfo Graziani most of people call him ” Butcher of Fezzan & Butcher of Ethiopia “

Rodolfo Graziani cult of fascist heroes remains alive in certain parts of Italy despite the outlawing of the fascist party in the country’s postwar constitution.

He adds that it is curious, however, that there has been no formal protest that a crypto-Fascist mayor of a small town near the capital can, in 2012, publicly honour a man who brought death to thousands of Africans and dishonour to his own country.

The mayor of the village of Affile attended the opening ceremony on Saturday, together with a representative from the Vatican.

Although almost unknown to modern generations of Italians, the Fascist military officer was known as the Butcher of Fezzan for the executions of Libyans he ordered while military governor of Cyrenaica in North Africa, our correspondent says.

He used poison gas and chemical weapons against Ethiopian tribesmen during Italy’s colonial war in what was then called Abyssinia.

Towards the end of the war, Graziani was appointed defence minister by Mussolini in the short-lived Fascist Republic of Salo.

He commanded Italian troops alongside the Germans at the Battle of Garfagnana in December 1944, one of the last military victories of the Axis forces.

According to La Repubblica, the mausoleum in Affile cost 127,000 euros (£100,000; $157,000).

About 100 people attended its inauguration, the paper adds.

Mayor Ercole Viri was quoted as saying the memorial was of national importance and dismissing criticism as “idle chatter”.

were posted in a gallery on the village’s website, which lists Graziani as one of the village’s “famous sons”. Engraved on the mausoleum are the words “Fatherland” and “Honour”.


There is another side to Italy’s often schizophrenic attitude to its recent history, our correspondent adds.

Another ceremony was held the same weekend marking the anniversary of a tragic massacre of 560 Italian men women and children by German SS troops as a reprisal in a small town near Lucca, in Tuscany.

BBC map

Martin Schulz, the German Social Democrat and president of the European Parliament, was present in Sant’Anna di Stazzema on Sunday.

He said: “I am a German and the language I speak is the same of those who committed those crimes. I shall not forget that.”

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  1. He was my grandfather he was a great man of sacrafice corage and respect.the social media has brainwashed yoi brits i hate the allies i am proud to be from italy

    1. I guess it escaped your attention that quite a few British and American Soldiers were killed and wounded while liberating Italy from the Germans. As for your late Grandfather, he was not saint.

  2. People point only at what they want, Graziani was a monster that did what he was order to do. Lefties and liberals are useless, they always put their emotions before other needs. What happen in America against the Indians has allot worst than anything Italy did in WW2. The Europeans butcher Muslims in the crusades in the millions, again allot worst than Italy did in ww2. Yet people worship Richard the Lion heart and men like George Washington that lied. “All men shall be treated equal” yes if you are white, the blacks suffered like hell during all their life in America until Martin Luther King Jr came. Shame on you fools for forgetting that history is full of criminals that are worshiped. Graziani is one of them, but he is not even the worst or near one of them. Fascist Italy at his core was not racist like Germany and America was.

  3. Resurrecting Fascists and Nazists is the ultimate insult to the modern world. The war Criminal Graziani did enormous damage to the Ethiopian people. At the time even the Vatican blessed genocide. All human beings should deny recognition to this lunatic murderer. Grazianni should only be remembered alongside his collaborators – Mussolini and Hitler.

  4. The Italians are nuts, with little or no conscience. Honoring a war criminal who murdered thousands of Libyans. Shame. It’s amazing with all the war crimes trials that punished the Germans after the war that their lackeys, the Italians, weren’t made accountable for their numerous war crimes. I guess it has something to do with the powerful Italian lobby in the U.S.

  5. Graniani was in reality a butcher. Through his invasion,he killed many close ralatives and a lot more inocent Ethiopian citizens.
    He is to be condemned for ever.

  6. Ethiopia a member of the League of Nations was invaded by a fellow member of the League of Nations in 1935. The Ethiopian soldiers defeated the Italians and were poised to give them the final blow when Mussolini ordered chemical warfare against the geneva convention on people who have no protection against such chemicals. One million soldiers and civilians were massacred by hundreds of planes showering the whole warfront with poison, chemical and flame throwers. How does a soldier who lost the battle of guns and swords could be considered a hero for killing millions without his soldiers being killed against a people who have no modern armaments and war airplanes? This is modern barbarism as the fascist soldiers were reinstating barbarian traditions of crucifying soldiers and civilians after the chemical warfare. Ethiopia defeated Italy after sustained five year patriotic struggle.

  7. What a Shame !!! This can only be done in a modern day Schizophrenic Italy.Tax payers money been used this an insult to all human race at large.Grazianis crimes was yesterday I wonder what Crimes are in the making for the future? …I wonder.

  8. OH god it is shame for human being in general for the Italians in particular , Graziani killed more than 35000 people of Addis Ababa Ethiopia in two days almost all children and mothers , I think the Italians, consider it as heroic achievement, imagine if Osama bin laden was an Italian they would built a big monument, or statue

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