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Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy uncovered! The first pictures of Jay-Z & Beyonce’s daughter
19 Temmuz, 2012 | 17:11
Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy uncovered! The first pictures of Jay-Z & Beyonce's daughter

Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy uncovered! The first pictures of Jay-Z & Beyonce's daughter

Beyonce finally removes the cover from Blue Ivy Carter. The world can finally see publicly a new pictures of the fiercest celebrity baby ever – Blue Ivy Carter!

Beyonce may have already debuted her new braids, but we finally get to see something else. Singer diva Beyonce has been keeping under wraps : an unmasked baby Blue Ivy Carter!

Beyonce showing of her new braids, was spotted out in New York City yesterday running errands with her six-month-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter. The heiress to ‘ The Throne ‘ was in full view of cameras as Blue Ivy and her superstar mom Beyonce made their way out of a Manhattan office building.

Baby Blue Ivy Carter & Beyonce first pictures since Blue Ivy's birth

Baby Blue Ivy Carter & Beyonce first pictures since Blue Ivy's birth

In one particular photo that has been making its round on Twitter, Beyonce baby Blue Ivy’s face — which we haven’t seen since shortly after her birth in January — can be fully seen as well.

New photos of uncovered Baby Blue Ivy Carter & Beyonce / Celebrity News

Some of the photos showed chubby cheeked cutie pie looks just like a mix of two famous couple Jay-Z and Beyonce. Blue Ivy’s face has only been spotted once since she was born back in January, when Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z released pictures on their website. Since then, Beyonce and Jay-Z have keep their little child Blue Ivy Carter covered – until now. The photos have been taken inside Bergdorf’s in Manhattan where Beyonce was seen shopping.

Baby Blue Ivy Carter & her famous mom Beyonce

Baby Blue Ivy Carter & her famous mom Beyonce

The 6-month-old baby Blue Ivy Carter got a leg up on learning the art of retail therapy when she was carried out by her very stylish mother and singer Beyonce. And while Beyonce covered her daughter Blue Ivy’s face from the paparazzi, another shopper was quick to snap a picture of her little baby, Queen Blue Ivy Carter.

Beyonce reveals new pictures of uncovered Blue Ivy Carter / Rare glimpse of Beyonce baby’s face during shopping in Bergdorf Goodman in New York City

Blue Ivy Carter has been kept away from the flashing lights of her parents’ celebrity lifestyles for a long time. However, while shopping at Bergdorf’s in Manhattan, Beyonce finally showed her daughter’s face long enough for a quick couple of pictures to be taken. Blue Ivy is definitely a cute baby.

A fan confirmed the in-store sighting of the superstar singer Beyonce and has tweeted: ‘ It’s cool. Just shopping next to Beyonce at Bergdorf, baby on her hip. No entourage. She winked at me. ‘


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  1. ninsiima - 20 Temmuz 2012

    its so cute makes me want to pinch its cheeks

  2. Natalie - 21 Ağustos 2012

    Blue is so beautiful. She first looked like Beyonce mom, noe she looks likeJayZ she is pretty. Love you blue if you ever need a nurse, look me up

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