Why Princess Kate causes so many rumors

Despite the publication of her cancer diagnosis, conspiracy theories surrounding Princess Kate continue to grow.

But how can this phenomenon be explained? The Viennese communications expert and founder of the PR agency All About You, Vanessa Mucha-Trnavský, talks about the reasons behind this worrying development.

“Krone”: The conspiracy theories surrounding Princess Kate are not decreasing despite the publication of the cancer diagnosis. How do you explain this phenomenon?

Vanessa Mucha-Trnavský: From a communication perspective, statements about the health of publicly known personalities can arouse people’s curiosity, especially when not all the details of a situation or diagnosis are known. People then try to fill these gaps with their own assumptions and theories.

In your opinion, should it be communicated exactly which cancer the princess has?

Deciding which details of a cancer diagnosis to make public is a very personal and complex matter. On the one hand, it can help to improve the public’s understanding of the disease and help remove taboos. On the other hand, it could cause additional stress or strain for those affected, which could have a negative impact on the healing process. It is important to respect this decision.

Was the video message the right way to manage the crisis?

In general, a personal video address allows the person concerned to communicate directly with the public. In this way, she creates a connection with people, appears approachable, empathetic and conveys authenticity and transparency. This can promote outside support and understanding. A key aspect of this is that Princess Kate raises awareness of certain health issues and helps break down stigmas.

How would you proceed now in terms of communication? People want to know how the mother of three is doing.

It is important to strike a balance between the public’s right to information and the individual’s right to privacy. Disclosure of information should have a clear benefit to the public from a communication perspective, for example in terms of raising awareness of certain health issues or eliminating stigma.

Finally, a general question: Why does Kate and maintaining her privacy spark so many rumors?

With public figures, there is often room for interpretation, especially in cases where information is limited or not fully communicated. The distrust that some people have of institutions, authorities or the media can also lead them to assume that there is more to the official explanation and to seek alternative reasons.

It also depends a lot on how the media reports. Particularly in the context of the royal family, rumors are often spread by the yellow press out of sensationalism and a focus on gossip, at the expense of facts and respectability.

But also to damage the reputation and integrity of the people affected. This can in turn fuel speculation and rumors. It is therefore important to check the sources and choose them carefully. Ultimately, you should be aware that not everything you read has to be true or correct.

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