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British Archeology uncover England’s oldest ever home
12 Ağustos, 2010 | 12:31

British Archeologists have uncovered a home in England said to be the oldest ever found in Britain thought to be 11,000 years-old.

British joint Archeology teams from the University of York and the University of Manchester work on their find of 11,000 years-old

The home which has a fabulous view of a lake beside it had been recently dug after a two-year operation by British archeologists.

The joint Archeology teams from the University of York and the University of Manchester which worked on the site have said that the house have very original features and is a substantial find that will give better information about the lives of some of the earliest settlers in Britain.

Scientists say that the home was built in the area some 11,000 years ago, around 8,500 B.C. when Britain was still connected to Europe.

According to early findings the circular house is said to be 11 feet wide, made of timber and had a roof most likely to have been made up of thatched reeds.

The Archeologists have also suggested that the area contained many other homes but were not found or eroded.

The find also gave information on some of the first examples of carpentry in Europe.

An archaeologist from the University of Manchester, Chantal Connelle said .”This changes our ideas of the lives of the first settlers to move back into Britain after the end of the last Ice Age.

“We used to think they moved around a lot and left little evidence.

“Now we know they built large structures and were very attached to particular places in the landscape,”

Britain’s previous oldest house, a building in Howick, northern England, is thought to be built 500 to 1000 years younger than the new discovery.

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