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Chile: Crucial Day in Conflict Zone
14 Mart, 2012 | 14:49

The region of Aysen will live a defining and tense day when talks are resumed between the Government and the Social Movement amid the people’s impatience due to the delay in meeting their demands.

The spokesman for the Movement “Your Problem is my Problem”, Ivan Fuentes, recognized that it is not easy to calm the inhabitants of Aysen, who have acted with humility before the authorities and their claims have not been successfully met.

He said, however, that “with renewed hope” the Movement faces another key day in negotiations on Tuesday, aimed at reaching an understanding between the parties.

Fuentes considered inappropriate that just a few hours before resuming the talks President Sebastian Piñera in a television interview alluded to his government’s decision to implement the controversial State Security Act to certain stages of social protest.

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