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Former Chelsea footballer Ricardo Quaresma to sue executives of Besiktas board for nasty claims
23 Ekim, 2012 | 15:16

Ahmed Nur Cebi a member of Besiktas board made incredible claims about Portuguese international Quaresma. Among th the claims is that Queresma had showed his genitals to a woman working at the club’s training facilities.

Istanbul / NationalTurk – Beşiktaş member of the board, Ahmet Nur Cebi stirred controversy as he came up with incredible allegetions aimed at Besiktas’s beleaguered star Queresma after the Besiktas vs Trabzonspor this weekend.

His claims aimed at Quaresma are that the currently shelved Portuguese star had peed on the team’ outfitter and equipment handler and showed his genitals to a woman who works in the club’s training  facilities.

Claimed earlier, a lot of club administration has raised about Quaresma but the last event was the last straw.

Portuguese football player said  to the claim that lie his statements to the press club members Ahmed Nur Cebi  he would sue.

In the meantime, Besiktas fans and club members reacted against Mr Ahmet Nur Cebi. Quaresma’s player agent Jorge Mendes, by means of  lawyers would file a lawsuit in Istanbul against Mr Cebi.

Portuguese international agreed to cut his wages from 3.75 to 3,0 Million Euros, as Besiktas goes through a severe financial crisis. But his latest talks with Besiktas president Fikret Orman sealed his fate and finished his tenure at Besiktas.

“I love the fans but the coach of Besiktas and the board do not want me here,” the player was quoted as saying.

Accused of leading the defense in the locker room due to unpaid wages at the club, Lent faces the animosity of President Fikret Orman.

‘ No player can demand Besiktas chairman to get to him and talk,  Besiktas is above everything. A meeting with Quaresma at this point is not even in consideration, ‘ said Orman

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