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German ‘ Missile ‘soldiers arrived in SE Turkey to deploy and set up Patriots
18 Aralık, 2012 | 15:14
German ' Missile 'soldiers arrived in SE Turkey to deploy and set up Patriots

German ' Missile 'soldiers arrived in SE Turkey to deploy and set up Patriots

Bundle of German troops and officials arrived in Turkey’s southern province of Kahramanmaraş for preparations to set up Patriot Missiles Batteries.

Diyarbakır / NationalTurk – The German Parliament approved the deployment of air defense systems in Turkey against Syria as part of a NATO mission and following the approval German soldiers arrived in Turket to set up the air defense system.

The German delegation reportedly flew to the southern province of Adana in a cargo plane belonging to the Turkish Air Forces before crossing to Kahramanmaraş, Anatolia news agency reported today.

Turkish Armed Forces Officials have been accompanying the German soldier and officials group, the reports added.

The German Patriot missile batteries will be located about 120 kilometers from the Syrian border in southern Turkey, with a mandate that will run until Jan. 31, 2014.

Turkish Grand Assembly did not approve the deployment of Patriot Missiles officially, although the Turkish Constitiuon dictates that in case of foreign soldiers being deployed in Turkey, the Grand Assambly must vote it first !

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