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NASA Manages to Close Looking to Hartley 2 Comet
05 Kasım, 2010 | 12:45

National Aeronautical Space Agency (NASA) managed to shoot the pictures of the Hartley 2 Comet with its Deep Impact space vehicle.

At the end of the Exciting success, Deep Impact managed to close nearly 700 Km to Hartley 2 which distance approximately 4.6 Billion km to the Earth. Deep Impact sent many video and photo to the Houston Space Center.

Deep Impact has been send to Space within the context of the EPOXI Project. Space vehicle reached to Hartley 2 Comet after two-year long journey.

Hartley 2 Comet is 2.2 km long and its Wight 280.000.000 metric tones. Scientist has said that the comet has ice, carbon dioxide, silicate dust particles in it.

Meanwhile, the data of the Deep Impact is being investigated in the California Jet Institute These datas give information that how the planets came into being.

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