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Pkk Terrorists kill 4 civilians in Southeast Turkey
21 Eylül, 2011 | 11:02
Pkk Terrorists kill 4 civilians in Southeast Turkey

Pkk Terrorists kill 4 civilians in Southeast Turkey

The terrorist organization of outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party, the PKK attacked a passing civilian vehicle near a police college in the southeastern province of Siirt, Turkey, killing four civilian women.

The PKK terrorists attacked a civilian car with rocket launchers, mistaking it for an undercover police vehicle from the nearby police college according to Turkish News Agencies, in which six women were headed to a wedding. The blood-thirsty terrorists sprayed the vehicle with machine gun fire and launching a rocket at it. The women ,two of them siblings, were killed when the missile struck the ambushed car only 100 meters away from the police college. Two women were wounded and hospitalized.

Turkey : Pkk Terrorism Rampages

Turkish police officers on duty at the nearby police college responded to the attack immediately and a clash between terrorists and security forces erupted. One PKK terrorist was killed in the immediate firefight while two others were wounded. Special police forces were deployed in the area to prevent the PKK terrorists from escaping under cover of darkness. The rest of the assailants escaped.

The furios local citizens condemned the attack and The Pkk Terror after the attack, which aimed and killed civilians.

Pkk Terror in Turkey Condemned

PKK Terror Organization’s ambush in Southeastern Turkey and the earlier bombing in Turkish Capital Ankara occured while Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan met with US President Barack Obama to talk the latest developments in the Middle East Region and the cooperation of USA and Turkey in the war against terror. Turkey, the United States and the European Union recognize The PKK as a terrorist organization.

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