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Turkish Parliament passes Syria cross-border intervention resolution
04 Ekim, 2012 | 16:04
Turkey piles convoys carrying troops, missile batteries and armored vehicles to Syrian border

Turkey piles convoys carrying troops, missile batteries and armored vehicles to Syrian border

Turkish Parliament approved a bill authorizing cross-border military operations in Syria. Turkish Army is gathering with tanks, howitzer guns ang brigades along Syrian border.

Ankara / NationalTurk – The Turkish Parliament has passed a resolution bill allowing the Turkish military to conduct cross-border raids into Syria.

State media says Turkey’s Parliament has approved a bill authorizing the military to conduct cross-border operations in Syria after a deadly shelling from the Syrian territory killed five civilians.

Turkey’s army given green light to cross-border operations into Syria : Non political corrected : Turkey Syria War can start

Some 320 deputies cast votes in favor of the motion, while 129 voted against the bill that will authorize the government to attack Syria with all the military units available.

The Turkish Parliament debated a cross-border motion brought by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) government overnight, the bill was approved by all deputies of AKP and second biggest opposition, Nationalist Movement Party (MHP).

Members of Parliament from the ranks of main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) and Kurdish-rooted Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) have decided to vote against the bill following a group meeting in the early hours of Thursday.

Turkey Syria Crisis : From phantom war to WAR

Legislators voted in favor of the bill that gives the Turkish government authority for one year to send Turkish troops or warplanes to strike Syrian targets whenever it deems it necessary.

The rules of engagement had been changed by Turkish parliament and Military after a Turkish jet was shut down by Syria last June. Turkey fired and shelled bombs on Syrian targets for a second day in row Thursday.

Turkish official : Turkey has no intentions to declare war on Syria

A senior Turkish official and an aide to Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan have said Turkey has no intention of declaring war against Syria but the motion adds a dangerous new dimension to a conflict that is pulling Syria’s neighbors deeper into what already resembles a proxy conflict.

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1 Yorum

  1. phildazz - 04 Ekim 2012

    It’s about time some one stop the Dictator and slaughter of the Syrian people. The U.N is completely useless, it’s only there to serve the interest of the security members.

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