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Amazing tourist attraction in Israel : Watching Syrians fight and kill each other

Israel observes Syrian conflict, literally !
Israel observes Syrian conflict, literally !

Israel knows how to boost inner tourism. Mount Bental at Golan Heights became a sought-out overlook these days, shared by boisterous tourists and anxious Israelis hoping to catch a peek of the mounting conflict in civil war-ridden Syria.

Israel / NationalTurk – Israelis and visiting tourists to that country are flocking to vantage points in the Golan Heights in Israel to 0bserve the ongoing clashes in neighboring Syria, their northern neihbour plagued by civil war.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak visited the Golan Heights earlier this month to personally watch the battles raging in Israel’s troubled and soon to be doomed neighbor, Syria. And his visit has reportedly sparked – though unintentionally – a boom in tourist numbers at Golan Heights.

Israel observes Syrian conflict, literally !

A rapidly increasing stream of Israelis, carrying binoculars and cameras, have been frequenting the Golan Heights in the days that following Barak’s visit. The so-called war-watchers hope to catch a peek of the fighting in Syria, the report said, but it was a rare occasion. The visitors had to be pleased themselves with onyl listening to exchanges of gunfire and explosions, which were more common. Some self-acclaimed lucky Israelis say they saw people exploding into bits or one or two civilians shot dead by a sniper.

Tour group operators reportedly said they would start including the Syrian unrest on their tour itineraries.

Israeli security forces reportedly state they were “doing their best” to keep the sightseers away from sensitive army installations along the Syria-Israel border between the two troubled Middle Eastern countries.

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