Biden calls Putin a dictator

The United States will also close its airspace to Russian planes. Joe Biden’s first major speech as President before both chambers of the US Congress was dominated by the war in Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden has sharply attacked the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin because of the war of aggression against Ukraine and called it a “Russian dictator”. Putin tried to “shake the foundations of the free world,” Biden said Tuesday evening (local time) in his first State of the Union address before the US Congress. But he had “miscalculated badly”.

“He thought he could invade Ukraine and the world would turn the other way,” Biden said. “Instead, he encountered a wall of strength he never imagined.”

<h3>Closure of US airspace</h3>

After the European Union and Canada, the United States will also close its airspace to Russian aircraft. This will further isolate Russia and further increase the economic cost to Moscow, Biden said. “Russia’s economy is reeling – and Putin alone is to blame for that.”

Biden threatened Putin with consequences. Liberty will always triumph over tyranny. Putin acted “deliberately and unprovoked” but underestimated the determination of the West. Even if Russia advances on the battlefield, Putin will pay “a heavy price” in the long run. Putin is now more isolated in the world than ever before.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Ukrainians inspire the world with “their fearlessness, courage, determination”. “Groups of citizens are blocking tanks with their bodies.”

At the same time, the international community is holding Putin accountable with tough sanctions. “We inflict pain on Russia and support the Ukrainian people. Putin is now more isolated from the world than ever.”

At the beginning of his speech, Biden called on the attending senators and lawmakers to stand up as a symbol of support for Ukraine. The parliamentarians loudly applauded the Ukrainian ambassador to the USA, Oksana Markarova. She was invited as the guest of honor by First Lady Jill Biden. She came in an all blue dress – a sunflower adorned the sleeve. Sunflowers are a symbol of Ukraine.

<h3>Colors of Ukraine in the Capitol</h3>

As a sign of solidarity, several MPs and other listeners wore the Ukrainian colors of blue and yellow during the address. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wore a pin featuring the US and Ukrainian flags. Minority Republican leader in the House of Commons Kevin McCarthy wore a yellow and blue pocket square.

Other listeners wore scarves in the national colors of Ukraine, held small paper flags, or wore blazers and tops based on the colors of the flag.


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