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Nicki Minaj accepts the award for favorite rap/hip hop artist at the 40th American Music Awards in Los Angeles

Come too late, gone too soon: A party organizer had Nicki Minaj booked for his celebration. With the appearance of singer he was more than satisfied – and now demands his money back in court. It is about tens of thousands of dollars.

A vermasselter appearance could be costly for Nicki Minaj. The singer is being sued for a show in 2011. In February, then took the all-star game of the NBA basketball league held in Los Angeles. Sporty, the event has little to no importance; for it is a meeting of celebrities – in the half-time break occurred Rihanna and Kanye West on, Lenny Kravitz and Justin Bieber were sitting on the sidelines.

Who organized a party at this VIP Collection, needs special guests, otherwise you can forget the celebration safely. The thought also an organizer who had booked for a party at the Siren Studios Nicki Minaj. $ 53,050 should get the rapper for until a clock stop by midnight of the morning and sing. She did but apparently not – and it has now legal trouble.

A state court in Manhattan, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of a production company. Accordingly, Minaj consented only at 1.30 clock to the celebration and was gone half an hour later again. The short trip was “the whole purpose of the agreement nullified,” it says in the lawsuit. It now wants the fee back – as well as an undisclosed sum, as for loss of revenue and the cost of housing the singer. From Minaj there has been no comment.

The singer had then abruptly left in the middle of a song the stage. This has been discussed in several articles about the concert. Most observers found the not particularly bad – the guests have the show otherwise liked. With Lil Wayne and Drake were finally see other celebrities.

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