Salma Hayek delights fans with nude photos

Salma Hayek regularly provides insights into her life on her social media channel. In her latest Instagram post, things are revealing.

Whether on the red carpet, in the sea or on horseback on the Mexican beach: Salma Hayek repeatedly shares snapshots from her everyday life on her Instagram channel, entertaining her 27.7 million followers. The 57-year-old knows exactly how to present herself optimally.

This is also evident in her latest post. In it, Salma Hayek goes on a journey through time – and shares the results of an old photo shoot. The pictures make her fans gasp because they show the actress naked.

“Just beautiful”

Salma Hayek’s followers can look forward to three revealing photos. In the recordings, the film actress can be seen naked in a bed; each picture shows her in a different pose. Her dark-haired curls fall over her shoulders, and make-up in subtle nude tones underlines the natural look.

“Some people say never to look back, but sometimes that’s the best view,” Salma Hayek notes in her caption. The native Mexican does not reveal which year the photos come from.

The look into the past is well received by Salma Hayek’s followers. “Looks extremely beautiful, your facial expressions and poses are great,” “Wow, you really had it back then,” and “Whether then or now: simply beautiful,” are some of the comments. Some celebrities also come out as Hayek fans: While actress Blake Lively adds a drooling emoji to the post, “Euphoria” actress Alexa Demie expresses her speechlessness with several exclamation points.

Even though Salma Hayek takes a look into her past with the recordings, she has no problem with her age. Just in time for her 57th birthday in September, she revealed in an interview with the US tabloid magazine “ET Online” that she feels completely comfortable in her body. “Everyone has to find their own way. For example, I find it difficult to motivate myself to exercise. But meditation is child’s play for me. I do it every day – and it’s good for me,” she explained.

Salma Hayek poses in a bikini and skin-tight skirt


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