Cathy Hummels is criticized for open pants

Cathy Hummels always manages to divide users with her social media posts. A new post is also hotly debated.

No matter how she does it, there’s always someone who gets upset with Cathy Hummels. The ex-wife of BVB kicker Mats Hummels received a lot of encouragement for her nude picture offensive, but at least as much criticism. A new motif that the influencer and moderator shares with her almost 700,000 followers is again praised and criticized.

Cathy Hummels is criticized for this photo

The 35-year-old is lying on her back on a fluffy white rug. She styled her hair in waves. Cathy wears a luxury brand black sweatshirt. She combines this with wide-leg jeans. But she didn’t even bother to button them up.

Is she acting like the infamous open pants here? According to some commentators, yes. Although the photo received well over 5,000 likes within a few hours, not everyone likes this shot.

“Unaesthetic photos,” complains one user. “Keep trying to force yourself to put something down. It doesn’t look healthy either,” shoots another against the former player’s wife. “Simply unaesthetic and cheap photos. Seems pretty desperate,” mumbles one user. Another asks: “Why do you always have to show your underwear?!” You can’t even see them in the pictures.

But where there is heavy criticism on the one hand, the 35-year-old enchants the other part of her followers. “Great picture”, “great flat stomach” or flame emojis can often be found under the comments. A follower writes: “I’m laughing my ass off at the many haters, don’t you have anything else to do?” Another just comments with the hashtag “OnlyFans”. But Cathy Hummels does not have an account there, at least for the time being.


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