Cathy Hummels horrified with Nazi slogan

Conscious provocation or thoughtless post? Cathy Hummels is causing a stir. The reason: She suddenly shares a Nazi slogan online.

Cathy Hummels not only earns her money as a presenter, but also through advertising partnerships.

She has now entered into such a deal with a European department store chain and will also take part in the opening game of the European Football Championship on June 14th. In a current Instagram story she promotes this, but receives sharp criticism for it.

In the post, Hummels shows a football from the department store and expresses her excitement for the event in a comment. However, she mentions a forbidden slogan. “It will be a magnificent experience. Everything for Germany,” she writes, using a slogan of the Sturmabteilung (SA) of the NSDAP from the former Nazi Germany.

Hummels uses Nazi slogan shortly after Björn Höcke verdict

Cathy Hummels has since deleted the story without commenting on the topic. Instead, you can now find a clip on her account in which she also reports on her cooperation for the 2024 European Championship and to which she writes: “I’ll give everything to ensure that Germany wins on June 14th.”

However, her original online post was shared and sharply criticized on Platform X. “If you just don’t notice anything, then you’re Cathy Hummels and are posting a slogan for which Höcke was convicted yesterday,” writes one user. He alludes to a scandal involving politician Björn Höcke, the chairman of the Thuringian AfD parliamentary group. This was classified by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in 2021 as “proven right-wing extremist efforts”.

Höcke used the slogan during a speech in Merseburg, Saxony-Anhalt, in May 2021 and was subsequently charged. During the trial he denied knowingly using them. However, the Halle regional court saw things differently and sentenced him to a fine on Tuesday, May 14th. He has to pay 100 daily rates of 130 euros each.

The presiding judge explained that Höcke wanted to test boundaries by using the banned slogan.

The politician’s lawyers had already stated before the verdict was announced that they would appeal if necessary. According to the judge’s decision, the Höcke case was premeditated.

However, it is not clear whether this also applies to Hummels’ case, as she has not yet commented on the topic.


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