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Islamist Terror militia IS in Iraq: Tens of thousands of Yezidi included in the mountains / Breaking News


The terrorist militia “Islamic State” in Iraq makes hunting Yazidis. Up to 40,000 people have fled to the mountains – where they lack all help comes despite international appeals by little. Several children are already dead.

The location for the religious minority of the Yezidis in Iraq is increasingly threatening. Corresponding ends of reports by international media report that 10,000 to 40,000 of the Kurdish Iraqis in the mountains around Mount Sinjar near the Syrian border are still included. The United Nations appealed now to the government in Baghdad, to help the people.

The Islamist terror militia “Islamic State” (IS) recently held the city Sinjar, also, taken in north of the country. There are many Yazidis live. According to deputies, the extremists killed since then about 500 men of the faith community, including children, had been executed. As the British “Guardian” reported that at least 130,000 people from

Sinjar in the cities of Dohuk and Erbil have fled in the Kurdish autonomous region. In Sinjar itself, once Yezidi stronghold with some 300,000 inhabitants, remained only about 25,000 people, it said.

The UN demanded that the Iraqi government must do more to feed the needy people with food. The Kurdish Foreign Minister Mustafa Bakir Fala appealed to the international community to support the Iraqi rescue workers. “This is the time for immediate assistance – children die,” Bakir said.

Islamist Terror militia IS in Iraq:IS extremists apparently take a more cities

On Wednesday the first food packets were dropped by parachute. As the “Washington Post” reported, but many of the boxes were smashed on the rocky soil of the mountain. In addition, the recent deliveries have not even covered half of the demand. Most packages would also fall into the hands of the IS extremists.

The newspaper reported, citing a telephone conversation with an included 23-year-old man there, that now at least 17 children have died in the mountains. Unicef ​​reportedly confirmed that children died on the mountain, but could initially do not report the exact number of deaths.

In northern Iraq, the fighting between IS and the Kurdish peshmerga fighters have become more violent. The IS-wing extremists had seized in recent days large areas between the northern Iraqi city of Mosul and the Syrian border, then the Kurds declared a counter-offensive.

Now the Peshmerga army has apparently suffered a severe setback. After matching reports from news agencies jihadists have to report large gains in the north of the country. According to unconfirmed information the agency AFP, the extremists took the greatest Christian city in the country. Kurdish troops had withdrawn during the night from the northern Karakosch and surrounding areas, residents said on the Flight and Christian clergy accordingly. The areas stood now under the control of the militant IS-fighter.

The news agency Reuters reported that the extremists had taken three other cities in the north, AFP reported from four cities. Besides Karakosch valley Kaif, Bart and Ella Karamlesch stood now “under the control of militant fighters,” said the Archbishop of Kirkuk and Suleimaniyah, Joseph Thomas, AFP. Tens of thousands of people are on the run. “It’s a disaster, a tragic situation. We call on the UN Security Council to intervene immediately.”

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