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“Nausea and dizziness”: Rumors of medical emergencies in Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin surprisingly postponed his annual question and answer session on state television.

Now an alleged Kremlin insider reports that the reason is serious health problems.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to have recently suffered a dizzy spell. This is reported by the Telegram channel “General SVR”, which claims to be run by a Kremlin insider and has repeatedly reported on Putin’s medical problems in recent weeks.

The Russian ruler is said to have complained of severe nausea, weakness and dizziness during a meeting. It is not mentioned when exactly the incident is supposed to have happened. There is no official confirmation of this information. However, rumors about Putin’s health problems have persisted for months, and some reports about a possible cancer also referred to Western secret services.

Eddy about canceled TV date

The trigger for the new rumors is that Putin recently canceled his annual Question Time on state television. That was an urgent recommendation from his doctors, reports “General SVR”.

According to the Interfax agency, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said preparations for the event were underway. After originally promising a date after the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in mid-June, he has now ruled out holding it in June. In recent years, Question Time has always been held in June – with one exception in the Covid year 2020.

“The Direct Line” is an hour-long live broadcast in which Russian citizens can describe their personal concerns to the head of the Kremlin. The TV marathon gives Putin the opportunity to present himself to the population as a caring father of the country.

Peskow did not officially give any reasons for the postponement. It had previously been speculated that it could be related to Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, in which observers say the Russian army is making far worse progress than planned. Since the invasion of the neighboring country, which he ordered at the end of February, Putin has rarely made public appearances.

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