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TV Interview: Putin reserves before military intervention in Ukraine / Breaking News

Russian President Vladimir Putin takes part in a live broadcast nationwide phone-in in Moscow

Vladimir Putin announces itself in the Ukraine crisis to speak: The Kremlin leader alleged that the Russian army had the right to a military intervention in a neighboring country. In any case, the eastern Ukraine had formerly belonged to Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin raises serious allegations against the government in Kiev: The deployment of tanks in the Southeastern Ukraine was a crime, the Kremlin chief said in the TV Question Time “Direct Line”. The new leadership was not interested in a dialogue with the people of Ukrainian-Russian border region, criticized Putin.

The Russian leader denied responsibility for the unrest in the Ukraine of himself: “There are no Russian troops in Ukraine are all Ukrainian citizens, who have armed themselves..” His government would do everything possible to protect the rights of the Russian-speaking minority in Ukraine, Putin said.

The Russian president also reserves a military intervention against “. The Federation has given me the mandate for deployment of troops in the Ukraine I very much hope that I will not be forced to do that,” said the Kremlin chief.

Ukraine Crisis:Putin called elections in Ukraine legitimate

The current government in Kiev was illegitimate because it does not represent the people in eastern Ukraine , Putin said. His reign was but willing to talk with representatives of the new leadership .

Also announced for the May 25 presidential election in Ukraine was illegitimate , lectured Putin. “How can this choice be lawful if the candidates are beaten from the East ? ” Asked the Kremlin leader . First, there must be a constitutional amendment that gives people in southeastern Ukraine, more rights , urged Putin.

The conflict can only be resolved through negotiations. Neither planes nor tanks could solve the crisis , Putin said. Kiev must respond to the interests of the Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine. He was convinced that Russia will reach mutual understanding with Ukraine. Both countries have many common interests. Efforts to find a solution , however, would come from the Ukraine, not Russia or the USA.

Putin stressed that the region around Donetsk belong to Ukraine only since 1920. Under the Tsar this area ” New Russia ” have been called .

The economic consequences of his policies played down Putin . Europe is dependent on gas imports from Russia. ” You refer 30 to 35 percent of their requirement from us . Can you stop the import from Russia ? I think that’s impossible,” said the head of state.

Ukraine Crisis:Putin admits presence of Russian troops in the Crimea

Putin also denied that the annexation of the Crimea had been planned long . His government had responded only “professional ” on the developments in the region . But he conceded the first time that Russian soldiers were active on the peninsula to support the local ” self-defense forces ” . ” Our soldiers had to ensure that the referendum takes place safely ,” Putin said.

The breakaway region of Transnistria in Moldova should be allowed to vote on whether to join the Russian Federation, demanded the head of state . “People should be allowed to vote on their own fate ,” he said.

Extremely critical of Putin expressed about NATO ‘s eastward expansion . Thus Russia had been forced from the Black Sea . At least in part, was the annexation of the Crimea a reaction to the behavior of the Western military alliance . “If military infrastructure is built on our borders , we are forced to react ,” said the Kremlin chief .

Ukraine Crisis:No interest in Alaska

In the interview broadcast Putin took questions from citizens receive from the Crimean city of Sevastopol. The President staged himself as a responsible statesman, and stressed that his government wanted to quickly introduce the ruble as the sole means of payment on the Black Sea peninsula.

To the east of Ukraine’s pro-Russian activists have launched numerous public institutions under their control. The Kiev government has declared an anti-terrorist operation against the separatists, in several places, however, locals have faced the tanks of the state army in the way. Several people have been killed in clashes.

In Geneva, there will be a quad-crisis meeting with Ukraine with the participation of Moscow and Kiev, as well as the U.S. and the EU on Thursday.

After all, Moscow has no interest retrieve Alaska to the Russian Federation. “We are a Nordic country and Alaska is also in the north. So what do we need Alaska?” Putin said on demand.


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