Phoenix Suns Vs Lakers 115-106 Kobe Bryant not enough

The Phoenix Suns beat the Los Angeles Lakers 115-106 on Tuesday to make the series 2-2 in an unexpected twist in the NBA Western Conference Finals.

koby briant lakersThe Suns, substitutes were the big impact on the game which saw a total of 54 points scored by members of the bench.

Channing Frye who had only scored 4 points in the whole of the last three games of the series, scored four three pointers from a night where he scored 14 points in total.

Though the Lakers lost, star player Kobe Bryant, was the top scorer with 38 points and 10 assists, by the 31-year-old.

After the win, Frye, who was under some pressure before Tuesday’s game told the media “I told you I was going to continue to shoot, and my teammates believed in me.”

Phil Jackson, the Los Angeles Lakers coach said “We shot 49 percent, didn’t we? That’s pretty good. I have no problem with our offense at all. I wouldn’t say we’re struggling against the zone. We’re struggling at the defensive end.”

“They were more aggressive on the boards (the Suns had a 51-36 rebounding edge). That created an atmosphere I didn’t like.”

The Los Angeles Lakers will now face the Phoenix Suns on Thursday 27th in Los Angeles and will try to get back their lead on the series and finish of the Suns on Saturday where the two teams will play game six of the series.

The winner of the Western Conference will then play in the NBA Finals which will begin on June 3.

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