Reeva Steenkamp Murder Process in Pretoria: Prosecutor demands ten years in prison for Oscar Pistorius / Breaking News

Oscar Pistorius Is Sentenced For Killing Girlfriend

In the trial of Oscar Pistorius the prosecution has called for a prison sentence of at least ten years. Previously, defender Barry Roux had spoken out against a prison sentence. The penalty is to be announced on Tuesday.

For the fatal shooting of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp is Oscar Pistorius at least ten years in prison – that the prosecution has demanded in its closing arguments at the trial of the Paralympics star in Pretoria. Chief Prosecutor Gerrie Nel dismissed claims the defense after a mild sentence. The killing of a human being is also a bad deed, when made negligently, Nel told the High Court in Pretoria.

For the shooting of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp through a closed bathroom door in February 2013, Pistorius must therefore be imposed a severe penance, Nel said. The 27-year-old defendant was found guilty in September of involuntary manslaughter. Your decision on the specific penalties will proclaim Judge Thokozile Masipa on Tuesday.

Prosecutor Nel said, a simple house arrest and community service, as proposed by the defense, were “shocking inappropriate”. If the court the accused not as punishing as the public expect this to be right, this could have a negative impact on the entire society. Ten years in prison were the least in this respect. “This is a serious matter,” he added.

Previously defender Barry Roux had argued against a jail sentence for Pistorius. The athletes have shown genuine and deep remorse; he was suffering deeply from the fact that he had accidentally shot his friend in tragic circumstances.

Pistorius was a broken man, Roux said in his final plea. “He has lost everything: a man whom he loved, his self-esteem, most of his friends, all his money.” Directly addressed to Judge Masipa, the lawyer asked: “Is that a man, you need to remove from society We say: No!”

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