Sebastian Vettel sells dream sports cars

Almost brand new: Formula 1 veteran Sebastian Vettel sells a sports car that is no longer offered in Europe – at a remarkable price.

15 years of premier class, 53 victories, four times world champion: Formula 1 pensioner Sebastian Vettel (35) is one of the best racing drivers in history. And one of the richest (estimated fortune: 250 million euros).

Vettel also invested a fortune in his car collection: his Ferrari models F50, Enzo and LaFerrari alone cost millions. However: They are no longer in Vettel’s garage. He parted with some collector’s items a long time ago. Now there is another one on the market: a Nissan GT-R Black Edition.

The GT-R is Japan’s answer to Ferrari and Porsche: its V6 biturbo engine delivers 550 hp. This accelerates the so-called 2+2-seater (two jump seats in the back) to 100 km/h in just 2.7 seconds. Its top speed: 315 km/h. However: Due to stricter noise protection regulations, the model is no longer offered in Europe.

Vettel’s GT-R was built in 2012 and delivered directly to him. To this day he is the only owner. Since it left the Nissan factory, the sports car (black outside and inside) has only driven 150 km. “Optically as well as technically an absolutely new vehicle,” says the luxury used car dealer Mechatronik, who is now selling the car.

However, with a hefty celebrity premium: the Vettel-Nissan is said to cost 297,500 euros. Significantly younger models are already available for half the price and less.

Commitment to sustainability

Formula 1 is not exactly the spearhead of the environmental movement, but Vettel has long been committed to sustainability and climate protection. In an interview with the British broadcaster BBC last year, he said: “The questions about energy and the dependence on energy preoccupy me.” He’s worried about the future.

“We have to stop being dependent on energy. And we can do that. There are solutions for this.” But Vettel also said: “Driving a car is my passion and every time I get in a car I love it.” Only it should obviously not be a Nissan.

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