Taylor Swift is now a billionaire

She now has plenty of zeros in her account: Taylor Swift is continuing her record-breaking year. According to a Bloomberg analysis, the singer is now a billionaire – thanks in part to her “Eras” tour.

Of course, Taylor Swift has already broken a few records. She has released more number one albums than any other artist in US chart history. She was the first woman to have 100 million listeners on Spotify. The rush for advance ticket sales for her tour has brought down a ticket website. And the concert film that was recently released in cinemas had the best start of a concert film ever. Now there is another milestone: according to a Bloomberg analysis, the pop star has at least nine zeros in his account. Swift is a billionaire.

According to Bloomberg, which runs its own “Billionaires Index,” Swift’s total net worth is now about $1.1 billion. The record-breaking “Eras” tour has now provided the final push towards billions. The tour tickets were gone – worldwide – very quickly.

2.2 billion dollars

Compared to her last tour in 2018, Swift now demands significantly more from her fans. The “Eras” ticket costs an average of $254. Calculations by the Wall Street Journal initially came to the conclusion that she could earn between $300 and $500 million from the entire 2023/24 tour – plus an approximate further $140 million from sales of fan items.

Now CNN reports that a survey they have received from the market research company QuestionPro comes to a different conclusion: According to this, the “Eras” tour could gross $2.2 billion in North America alone. Some of this will probably end up in Swift’s account. Of course, there is also income from their advertising contracts, marketing partnerships and the sale of their albums. And the concert film for the tour also made the box office ring this month.

On its opening weekend, the concert film, “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,” grossed approximately $96 million in the United States and Canada. Swift’s film has had the best start to a concert film of all time. Conveniently, Swift also produced the film herself, bypassing the Hollywood studio system to distribute the film. She signed a contract directly with AMC, the largest US cinema operator.

Swift has been on tour worldwide since March. The European stage is scheduled to begin in Paris in May 2024. Next July she also wants to be on stage in Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg and Munich.

Taylor Swift and her love of celebrities

After her split from Joe Alywn, Taylor Swift appears alongside Travis Kelce. The singer’s love life is peppered with prominent faces.

Taylor Swift dated actor Joe Alywn for six years. Fans didn’t see the separation in the spring coming – especially since the singer had kept their relationship away from the public. Shared photos were a rarity. She is currently handling her new romance differently: She is openly flirting with football player Travis Kelce, recently appeared in the stadium at his games and posed with him for a photo together.

But these two men aren’t the first stars to turn Taylor Swift’s head. The 33-year-old has a whole list of prominent ex-partners. A summary.

In 2008 she dated Jonas Brothers musician Joe Jonas for a few months. With a violent end: As she angrily explained in the interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Jonas broke up with Swift in a 25-second phone conversation. After all, the time they spent together was pure gold for her career: she processed the relationship, among other things, in her second album “Fearless”, for which she won her first Grammy.

In 2009, Swift met her co-star Lucas Till on the set of her music video “You Belong With Me.” The actor said afterwards that they had “dated a little bit”. However, both were “too nice” for each other.

No luck with Taylor Lautner either

A short time later, a new actor came into her life: “Twilight” star Taylor Lautner. This time, according to rumors, the story ended painfully after a few months, especially for Lautner. In the song “Back to December”, which is about him, Swift sings: “You gave me all your love and all I gave you was a goodbye.”

She then dated “Glee” star Cory Monteith, who died in 2013, although Swift reportedly only dated him for about a month.

“Screwed” by John Mayer

Swift’s relationship with fellow musician John Mayer, which is said to have lasted from late 2009 to mid-2010, caused more of a stir. With his numerous affairs, Mayer himself is not an unknown quantity in the showbiz dating pool. You can also hear this in the song “Dear John,” which Swift apparently wrote for the singer after the relationship ended.

It says, in part: “Don’t you think 19 is too young to be screwed by your dark, twisted games?” The rest of the text also provides pretty dark insights into Mayer’s alleged dating behavior. Before their relationship, the musician was very enthusiastic about Swift’s talent, but he once described “his” song as “pretty cheap songwriting.”

The liaison with actor Jake Gyllenhaal in 2010 only lasted a few months, although it was long for many headlines and inspiration for several songs. Gyllenhaal is said to have broken up via text message and due to the large age difference. Swift processed this story in the album “Red”. The song “All Too Well” on it has just been released again in a ten-minute version – including a romantic short film in which “a” relationship is retold.

It seems like Swift needed to bounce back after Gyllenhaal. She is said to have had her next relationship in 2012, this time with Robert F. Kennedy’s grandson, Conor Kennedy. Swift was the older one: she was 22 at the time and he was only 18. Apparently she was very impressed and even bought a house for five million dollars so that she could be near him. However, according to rumors, this scared Kennedy so much that he broke up.

Musician dream couple “Haylor”

At the end of 2012, a new dream couple of musicians came together: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, called “Haylor”. The two had known each other for a long time and had repeatedly raved about each other in interviews. However, this story didn’t last long. Just a few months after their romantic walk in Central Park, of which there are numerous photos, it was over again. At the Grammys, Swift sang her song “We Are Never Getting Back Together” with an English accent while Styles sat in the audience. There is also speculation that some songs on the album “1989” deal with the relationship with him.

Which brings us to Calvin Harris. The Scottish DJ and the singer were photographed partnered in a supermarket in 2015. They appeared together at the Billboard Music Awards. The relationship lasted longer than any of Taylor Swift’s previous ones: over a year. Harris is said to have broken up “brutally”.

Wedding plans with Joe Alwyn

Swift didn’t mourn for long. She met actor Tom Hiddleston at the 2016 Met Gala, and a month later the two were photographed smooching on the beach. But here too it was over again after a total of three months.

The relationship with Joe Alwyn lasted much longer. The singer met and fell in love with the actor in 2017 and seemed to have finally found great happiness with him. According to media reports, a wedding was even planned. There was never any official confirmation. Because Swift had decided to keep her love life private this time. Nevertheless, rumors of separation became public in April 2023.

Now Taylor Swift seems to be happy with Travis Kelce. Where the two’s romance will lead remains to be seen. But apparently she no longer hides her relationship from the prying eyes of the public as much as she did in Joe Alwyn’s time.

Taylor Swift poses in $12,000 dress


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