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Turkey advises Israel against Iran attack : Avoid disaster !

Turkey's Erdogan : Emhasize on Iran's Peaceful Nuclear purposes
Turkey's Erdogan : Emhasize on Iran's Peaceful Nuclear purposes

Turkish leader Erdogan warned Israel against any military assault on Iran in a press conference right after his official visit to Tehran.

Tehran / NationalTurk – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Tel Aviv government against any military action against Iran, noting that an Israeli attack on Iran would be a disaster not only for Israel also for the whole Middle East region.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, who was evauluating his formal visit to Iran, spoke to reporters that an Israeli attack against Iran would have disastrous consequences for Middle East, let alone Israel.

Israel Iran war will be far different than US Iraq war

‘ We would face a devastated Middle East region if Israel strikes Iran.’ stated the Turkish Premier Minister, who indicated he shared his concerns regarding the dire aftermath of an Israeli attack with US President Barack Obama. Erdogan added that a regional war triggered by Israeli strike on Iran ‘ would not end up like the war between the US and Iraq. Israel should not attack Iran ‘.

Turkish PM Erdogan further slammed Western governments for not raising their voice about Israel’s nuclear warheads weapon arsenal while sanctioning Iran for its peaceful nuclear program.

Israel has between 250-300 nuclear warheads

‘ Israel has between 250 – 300 nuclear warheads. Yet nobody is discussing that nor bringing the matter to the table Erdogan stated, further adding, ‘ Iran states they would not produce nuclear weapons. They say that they would produce a specific amount of enriched uranium rods and stop following the production.

Turkey’s Erdogan : Emhasize on Iran’s Peaceful Nuclear purposes

The nuclear program comments came after on last Wednesday the Turkish PM stated that ‘ no country has the right to impose anything on any other country with regard to nuclear energy, provided that it is for peaceful purposes ‘.

‘Everyone with commonsense opposes or should oppose nuclear weapons,’ Turkish PM Erdogan punctuated.

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