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BBC One Series Luther: Season 4 Alice Morgan return for Idris Elba’s lonely Dedective, Video / Showbiz News
19 Kasım, 2013 | 15:44


BBC One series Luther creator Neil Cross has said the show will not be returning to TV for a fourth series and big surprise for Idris Elba’s strange serial killer Alice Morgan return.

The show’s star Idris Elba had previously hinted that the show – which recently ended its third series on BBC One – could be back for another run depending on the demand from fans.

However the writer has now pretty much put paid to those rumours by telling fans at the Edinburgh Television Festival: ‘The show’s finished. Idris, as he should be, he’s gone on to be a big movie star.’

Neil Cross  who also revealed he was working on a new series for US network NBC – went on to confirm the character would return on the big screen, saying ‘I think there will be a Luther movie that’s the plan.’

Strange serial killer Alice Morgan will return Luther

Strange serial killer Alice Morgan will return Luther

Elba recently offered his own views on Luther’s future, saying: ‘My personal ambition is to see this turn into a film. But I’m very loyal to the audience.

‘If the audience demands another season, or some variable on that, then it should happen I think.’

The actor was seen most recently in the sci-fi blockbuster Pacific Rim and also stars as Nelson Mandela in the forthcoming Long Walk To Freedom.

Cross said of the latter: ‘I watched the trailer a couple of weeks ago and it’s astonishing.

‘Idris is a great actor – because he’s so beautiful and charismatic and because he commands the screen so singularly, people forget he’s a f**king astonishing actor,’ he added.

‘I can’t think of a more high profile, risky role to play than Mandela. He’s owned it.’

Long Walk To Freedom will be released in the UK in early 2014.

BBC One Luther Season 4 Video

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  1. Deneen - 17 Eylül 2014

    We want a 4th season!!!!

  2. kelly Kiebe - 02 Ekim 2014

    Keep it going please. It was excellent!

  3. greg - 14 Ekim 2014

    Season 4 season 4 season 4 season see where im going with this season 4 season 4

  4. reina - 28 Ekim 2014

    Season 4 please

  5. NORMA JEAN - 03 Kasım 2014

    we want / NEED a 4th season of LUTHER!!!!!!

  6. NORMA JEAN - 03 Kasım 2014

    4th season……PLEASE….am sure world wide survey would confirm – bring LUTHER back!!!

  7. Maxine - 01 Aralık 2014

    Need to bring LUTHER BACK

  8. Glorya - 05 Aralık 2014

    Please, please, please, bring back Luther. Love it and have been waiting forever for season 4 and the film. Please dont disappoint all Edris fans. We all love LUTHER. PLEASE BRING HIM BACK

  9. Curtis - 10 Şubat 2015

    Loved this show Alice def grabbed my attention from the firt ep I knew it would play out being Luther was a smart detective and she was a smart criminal I love that stuff it was def in my intellect I think Luther should finally fall for Alice as she had for him once he realize she actually loves him dearly

  10. Curtis - 10 Şubat 2015

    Ps season four and a movie should def come… Alice Luther will be a good end game tho I’m telling u

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