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Besiktas’ high hopes and D-Will performance: Epic fail
06 Ekim, 2011 | 15:47
Besiktas' high hopes and D-Will performance: Epic fail

Besiktas' high hopes and D-Will performance: Epic fail

Besiktas Basketball side boosted by NBA superstar Deron Williams crashes out of the ULEB Eurocup after an unexpected defeat to unheralded Belgian side Dexia Mons Hainaut. Beşiktaş is relegated to Eurochallenge. Deron Williams was bad.

Deron Williams, who is the Europe leader in salaries, failed to save Beşiktas from a humiliating preliminary round defeat in the return leg to Dexia Mons Hainaut in the ULEB Eurocup. ”The Black Eagles ” were knocked out of the Eurocup and relegated to fairly unheralded Eurochallenge.

The Belgian team, whom Besiktas surely underestimated, hit back from last week’s 78-70 defeat in Istanbul and won at home on Tuesday night, 74-63.

NBA superstar Deron Williams, who decided to bring his talents to Turkey from the New Jersey Nets during the lockout, posted a woeful seven points, going 3-for-13 in field goal attempts. He had seven assists but turned the ball over six times. He also shoot 0 -for-5 free throws.

D-Will’s debut in Istanbul for Besiktas in the first leg was slightly better as he scored 15 points and dished nine assists in the match.

Besiktas fans though showed support for the Nba superstar, Engin ataman, Besiktas coach have been criticised by fans mildly during an Twitter session after the game fot the team’s lack of chemistry. Besiktas president Yildirim Demiroren, whose company Milangaz is the sponsor of Besiktas basketball team, was slammed by fans for his bad management of the club since he sat in the driving seat in 2004.

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