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Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy Carter pictures with father Jay Z, Beyonce shares first Blue Ivy pictures in her arms
11 Şubat, 2012 | 18:46
Beyonce with her baby ' Blue Ivy Carter '

Beyonce with her baby ' Blue Ivy Carter '

Beyonce Baby Blue Carter pictures are finally taken, Beyonce & Jay-Z surprised today Beyonce fans by sharing the first Blue Ivy Carter pictures shot bythemselves in their palace for free.

New York / NationalTurk – Beyonce and Jay-z, the proud parents of their baby, Blue Ivy Carter posted a series of intimate pictures with portraits of their beloved baby daughter, Blue Ivy Carter who was born just over 4 weeks ago.

Beyoncé baby Blue Ivy Carter pictures shown off

Beyoncé and her hubby Jay-Z the rapper and producer have revealed the secret looks of their baby, Blue Ivy Carter. The first pictures of their baby daughter Blue Ivy Carter is shown and photographed by Beyonce and Jay-z in a set of intimate Carter family photo shots.

The megastar couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z decided to publish Baby Blue Ivy Carter photos at no cost on the internet via a tumblr blog. Blue Ivy pictures would cost millions of US dollars as glossy US magazines were ready to pay millions to take control posting photos of Blue Ivy Carter, whose pictures are nostly askes pictures nowadays in the States.

Beyonce & Jay-Z Classy act not selling their baby, Blue Ivy pictures

With the classy act of not selling Baby Blue Ivy pictures to any Us magazines Beyonce and Jay-z have also shunned the popular celebrity trend to sell pictures of their first baby in lucrative, yet greedy magazine deals. Instead they published the pictures of their cute baby Blue Ivy Carter .

Just like Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon had revealed photos of their baby twins in the same fashion in 2011.

Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy : 5 pictures of happy family of Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue Ivy

Beyonce and Jay-z posted a total of five pictures on the social networking site Tumblr to reveal the beauty of their baby Blue Ivy Carter to the world.

Baby Blue Ivy Carter photos  show that the newborn already sports a full head black hair and she is being cuddled and cradled by her beaming parents in the arms in an intimate moment of family life at their palace-like mansion in New York.

Beyonce posts first photos of baby Blue Ivy Carter

Happy Family carter, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy Carter

Happy Family carter, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy Carter

Beyoncé, 30, and her rapper hubby Jay Z, 42, have been given paramount caution to shield their baby Blue Ivy from the public glare since she came to the worl in a New York hospital, which had stirred some controversy as Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy Carter was and is and will be a first class material for US paparazzis.

Blue Ivy Carter is a beautiful girl but her birth occurred on some controversial conditions. Jay Z and Beyonce might have exaggerated the security measures before Blue Ivy Carter came to the world. The papparazzis are always annoying but some people complaint and that a father misses the initial moments his infant is born, is something you cannot repay wiyh all the money in the world.

Here you can read the story of Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy Carter is born in a controversial way 

The fithy rich megastar couple, Beyonce and Jay Z rented out the entire fourth floor of Lenox Hill Hospital, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, for the birth — paying $1.3 million, the New York Daily News reported.

But the classy act that Beyonce and Jay -Z have not sold their baby daughter Blue Ivy Carter first pictures to any US magazine and posted freely on the internet freely may have balanced the dissent they have unintentionaly caused in the USA. The images of Baby Blue Ivy Carter show each of the parents tenderly holding the baby along with two portrait pictures of the Blue Ivy Carter. A fifth picture shows the baby Blue Ivy Carter’s tiny hand gripping Beyonce’s fingers.

Beyonce Baby Blue Carter welcomed in the Carter Family with initial pictures of joy and happiness

In a message accompanying the Baby Blue Ivy Carter pictures on Tumblr and the blog, the proud parental couple of Beyonce and Jay-z  sent also a message: “We welcome you to share in our joy. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives.” signed by ‘ The Carter Family ‘.

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  1. larajni - 18 Şubat 2012

    she is adorable

  2. moesha - 15 Mart 2012

    awwwwwwwww she so pretty:)

  3. Shenia Leverette - 19 Mart 2012

    Aww Beyonce and Jay-Z baby is so cute….aww he looks like jay-z but looks like beyonce too how cant’s this be lmao ……Can’t believe this but im happy for them ,I’m exspecting now lol too CAN’T WAIT.

  4. CutiePie#99 - 26 Mart 2012

    Blue Ivy Carter, is adorable, she got beyonce and jay all over her. They are going to treat her right. She is going to be a beautiful young lady, like her mother, Beyonce’!!!!! I <3 beyonce and Jay Z songs, they are awesome!!! what do yhu think?? leave comments! PLEASE

  5. SwAqQ , DO YHU GOT SOME - 26 Mart 2012

    WoW, Can yhu spell adorable??? cause if yhu can that is the definition to BLUE IVY CARTER!!

  6. lula 23 - 28 Mart 2012

    WOW she’s pretty like her mother and farther lol

  7. lula 23 - 28 Mart 2012

    she’s sexy

  8. unknown - 30 Mart 2012

    Jay Z and Beyonce that is not Yall baby. I know yall adopted that little baby. You abortioned all your kids. Your in ullimanti and Jay Z is too.

  9. destiny - 30 Mart 2012

    that is her baby why all you people is saying that its not you can suck a**** an die but you go girl little blue love you an you to beyonce lol
    kiss for your fans an i wish that i can be just like you love destiny

  10. kearra jackson - 30 Mart 2012

    that aint ha babie

  11. sasha - 31 Mart 2012

    yall baby is so pretty. just like her mother

  12. sasha - 31 Mart 2012

    beyonce mad a pretty baby

  13. sasha - 31 Mart 2012


  14. kk - 31 Mart 2012

    awwwwwww her is so pretty just like her mother

  15. Remica - 31 Mart 2012

    she’s so beautiful

  16. Remica - 31 Mart 2012

    i want to know why her name isBlue Carter for

  17. dthomas245 - 02 Nisan 2012

    awww shes very cute

  18. beza melke - 02 Nisan 2012

    congrats beyonce and jay-z a beautiful daughter looks just like the mother hope you have a beautiful family!

  19. brezzy brii - 11 Nisan 2012

    why inn da world yall name yall bby dat ???? dats a dumd name st8 up but she pretty && hopefully no 1 pick on ha lol && hope she dnt got ha dads lips js

  20. peris - 14 Nisan 2012

    she is cuite i hope u all live a good life

  21. tweety walker - 17 Nisan 2012

    bless this family ahe is a blessing girl how old

  22. no one cares - 19 Nisan 2012

    what i dont understand is y the babe looks WHITE or MIX race it should look black cause the mum and dad is both black KMT i dont believe that babe is theirs.

  23. Quiana - 21 Nisan 2012

    beyonce,jay,&blue r so cute together

  24. Ramaan - 25 Nisan 2012

    Congratulations she is adorable all the happiess to you xxxx

  25. Liz - 26 Nisan 2012

    congrats to u guys she is very pretty and love her name its different and cute. may God cont. to bless u your family

  26. pregnancy - 22 Haziran 2012

    Hi there, just changed into aware of your weblog via Google, and located that it’s truly informative. I am going to watch out for brussels. I will be grateful if you happen to continue this in future. A lot of other folks shall be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!

  27. Adams(fonjai)divine - 04 Ağustos 2012

    adams divine love the baby and the mother the children look like adams divine from shisong

  28. valaysha - 09 Ağustos 2012

    hay beyone your baby is so cute do you now that my girl

  29. T (my mom won't let me give name) - 09 Ekim 2012

    The baby is beautiful! I hope to see you some day in Chicago. I love B’s songs and would love to meet you someday!

    I am 7 years old.

  30. DAMN LIARS! - 01 Ocak 2013

    First of all that lokks nothing like a new born baby that baby is either fake or stolen wow and to think I had respect for that woman…..lying about her pregnancy when there are women out there willing to die just to have a baby of their own hmph thats a dman shame! How sad her life must be…..

  31. evie - 09 Şubat 2013

    i like beyonce’s baby blue ivy carter with jay z. Do you think beyonce is lovely. When she had her baby. Did beyonce and jay z got married.

  32. ELAINE JENKINS - 19 Şubat 2013

    beyonce and jay z happy bless for baby blue from chicago ill thank you

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