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Breaking News : First YouTube now Google being banned in Turkey
04 Haziran, 2010 | 12:38

Turkey is has blocked access to services of Internet search engine giants, Google.

Google-banned The Telecommunication and communication Ministry (TIB), a government body that can control Internet accessibility in Turkey are attempting to block certain IP’s (Internet Protocol Addresses) belonging to Google due to “legal reason”.

Some ADSL company’s and Internet services providers have sent their customers E-mail’s and letters informing them of inaccessibility or the slow use of certain Google services.

Turkey have already received criticism for Internet censorship after the ban of video sharing giants YouTube along with certain other websites.

TIB has also tried to block Facebook several times.

The Google accessibility problems started Thursday night where several Internet users in Turkey were unable to access or suffered serious delays in the pages and services being uploaded.

One Internet Service provider sent this information to its users warning of some service problems that may be experienced.
*Accessibility problems to Google.
*Web portals and sites which use Google Analytics (the Google service which analyzes ad’s, visitor quantity, etc) along with Google Maps may have slow services.
*Some websites which use Google Toolbar may be slow to access.
* Some websites which have been integrated according to Google may be effected.

The shock decision to block Google came after Telecommunication Ministry started to block IP addresses of the websites rather than the DNS of the websites as of 31 May.

What is the reason behind the latest Internet Censorship
It is alleged that due to several countries around the world banning popular Internet sites such as Google owned YouTube, Google have changed the IP addresses of YouTube to ones used by Google to try and tackle the problem.

internet_censorship Over this procedure by Google, the Telecommunication and communication Ministry in Turkey has blocked certain IP address belonging to Google in an attempt to stop accessibility to YouTube.

So in other words while trying to stop accessibility to YouTube, Google is having a knock on effect.

This latest Internet censorship has been met with outrage in Turkey. Many had already criticized the blocking of YouTube but with Google, Turkey’s most used Internet Search engine and site having problems, Turkish Internet users are planning to protest.

The banning may also have an effect on the growing economy of Turkey as several businesses are also expected to be affected by this decision by TIB, as many depend on Google for customers.

Turkey’s laws on Internet censorship has been debated may times as an entire website can be banned by the content on a single page.

YouTube was banned in the country after several complaints by users after video’s insulting Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, which is an offence in the country were uploaded on the popular Video Sharing Website.

However, protesters of the decision are saying it is up to the people if they decide to watch such content or not. Many people in Turkey have already protested Internet Censorship and Freedom of Speech

Many Internet users had tackled the ban of YouTube by changing their DNS numbers or by using software that cracks the inaccessibility, but journalists and freedom of speech supporters are urging people to protest the ban’s rather than finding alternative ways to access banned sites.

Google services which are operating slowly or being banned by TIB

Write your comments and thoughts bellow.

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  1. Fevzi Özgül - 04 Haziran 2010

    The action of the Turkish goverment is totally absurd and unacceptable.I condemn this behaviour. The goverment calls itself the champion of freedom in Turkey;however their actions so far have proved them to be the oppressors of freedom.

  2. Wim - 04 Haziran 2010

    Try an anonymizer. Then you can use google perfectly :)

  3. B Schendowich - 04 Haziran 2010

    The boycott should have been worked the other way around. Google and youtube should have stopped service to the offending nation.

  4. Major Jim - 04 Haziran 2010

    Why don’t you ban You Tube from the UK? 60 to 70% of the time you can’t view video’s anyway. It would be no loss to the UK, Murdoch would be doing us a favour.

  5. burn the flags - 04 Haziran 2010

    the current turkish government(AKP) has been crossing the borderline over and over again.they claim to be democratic and all but actions speak louder than words.AKP = neo-fascists

  6. someonepissedoff - 04 Haziran 2010

    Erdogan is a frigging oversensitive dictator who is going to turn turkey into iran.

  7. Hermias - 04 Haziran 2010

    I have used to TOR network to get around this.
    We run a business in Turkey, and I find this a total insult on my Freedoms.
    Ass a UK citizen, I respect Turkey and it’s laws. however, this is in my view an unlawful decision.
    I also find the response to the Utube issue from the Turkish government ignorant and juvenile.

  8. Eric Meyer - 05 Haziran 2010

    One more step to backward at democracy and freedom. Congratulations

  9. Bart - 05 Haziran 2010

    And Turkey wants to be in the EU? Forget it. Information must be accessable to anyone from anywhere.

  10. Bart - 05 Haziran 2010

    And Turkey wants to be in the EU? Forget it. Information should be accessable to anyone.

  11. Alex,Ukraine - 05 Haziran 2010

    Is there any difference between Iran and Turkey?
    They both hate Israel,support the Hamas and massacre curds.

    Democracy in action! LOL

  12. Kavalli - 05 Haziran 2010

    Is our beloved Turkye on the road to be a dictatorship???

    This is scarry, and so stuppid.

  13. ED - 05 Haziran 2010

    Ardogan and Ahmadinjad are the same. It is election propaganda for Ardogan and the radical Islam strengthening over the back of the Turkish people. The government just dont want them to know the truth about the “Peace Flotilla”.

  14. tulay - 06 Haziran 2010

    dear media, please help us to put pressure on the government. there’s no one here speaks how big this is. i am ashamed of my country because of this. i feel like a prisoner here. this is unacceptable.

  15. wolfgang - 06 Haziran 2010

    democracy? civil right? turkey doesn’t know it is

  16. Tikitavi - 06 Haziran 2010

    It was done so that people of Turkey will not see the films on the flotilla to gaza and learn the truth about the things that happened there. They don’t want us to know how it was IHH people who started a provocation which led to the killing, by self defence, of 9 people. Erdogan is lying to us, and now he is trying to hide his lies. Do you need anymore proof?

  17. Israeli - 06 Haziran 2010

    Turkey, you can’t hide the truth from your ppl. The truth is on the web.

  18. Israeli - 06 Haziran 2010

    The Turkish government does not want its citizens to know the truth about what really happened on the Gaza flotilla so they are blocking youtube and google. What next?

  19. itsik - 06 Haziran 2010

    din mohmad bsif
    the moslem dot now nathing
    only kill

  20. Sultan_Smokey - 07 Haziran 2010

    dude that sucks I am visiting relatives in Turkey soon and I need google to function, wtf!?! Ah well I feel worse for my relatives. Last time I was there everytime I tried to go to google it redirected me to and my turkish is rusty so that was about useless to me anyway. Ah well…what is next?

  21. Sultan_Smokey - 07 Haziran 2010

    I have to say I disagree with some of the above comments though about how it went down on the boats, they could have dropped tear gas or flash grenades before their soldiers went down the ropes. I wasn’t there but from the reports I saw in the US of people on the ship they said the shooting started (rubber bullets) before ANY of the soldiers started coming down the helicopters, so I think the IDF stirred up a hornet’s nest and was not prepared for the response.

  22. Mahmud El Zahar - 07 Haziran 2010

    Turkey is concerned that its citizens will see what really happened on the ship that went to Gaza.

    They are afraid that the people who have been so massively fed with propaganda will see that their government is feeding them with lies and riot back.

    The peace activists are shown carrying weapons and attacking the soldiers.

  23. Ronel - 07 Haziran 2010

    Ardoan fears that the truth will be exposed to Turks?
    Well, maybe this due to that the nation hates Ardoan and he does everything that he can in order that Turkey will be a state of terror like Iran

  24. IHH - 07 Haziran 2010

    And what did you all thinks is going to happen? the “IHH” terror organization placed their man in the prime-minister position in Turkey and now they are the slaves of the terror groups.

  25. A - 07 Haziran 2010

    Am i Turkey this week for a grad school mini-course. No Google Translate or Documents is greatly impeding my research abilities, and will probably affect my grade. Arrrrgh!

  26. tharzan - 08 Haziran 2010

    it is a lie you can access google but there is a problem its being slow.. and ive read it causes because of google..

  27. shalu - 08 Haziran 2010

    google u r really bad bas…..*

  28. powerscape - 10 Haziran 2010

    Lawmakers are very silly persons.They supposed to block some web sites.But everybody can enter google,youtube etc.Praticaly, nothing banned in Turkiye.Because there’re tons of way to entering blocking sites and whole country know how to use it.e.g.Prime Minister Erdogan watches blocked youtube and suggest peoples to use it and added that people also know how to open blocked sites. Still Turkish users have got high user ratings in these sites.This events occurs because of youtube ip pool complexity.And government wants to pay taxes from google for a long time.

  29. OnlyTurkey - 10 Haziran 2010

    “we will kill all people

  30. Hazel Carr - 14 Temmuz 2010

    Does this ban include Picasso photos or Gmail photos?

  31. Luke - 27 Temmuz 2010

    There are no words to describe such kind of behaviour. What are they afraid of? To show their dirties clothes to the public word? All countries have rubbish of their own, so what? They are dictators or perfectly ignorant persons. Since they dont know what to do they lock up everything. I repeat, what are they afraid of? What do they want to hide?

  32. Johnny - 02 Ağustos 2010

    This suck ball.I meana how can you block access to the most popular and accessed video sharing website in the world, YouTube,I personalki cannot live without YouTjib

  33. Firat - 12 Eylül 2010

    come on Turkey. this move of banning google IP addresses is not a good move, especially since we want to set a good example of a modern muslim country who is founded on the basis of democracy and not old fashioned islam values. We want to be a leader in the muslim world yet if we do things like blocking google, we are no different to other 3rd world countries who choose to do the same things.

  34. cheapfurniture - 19 Ekim 2010

    Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

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  39. Meat - 23 Ocak 2012

    These sites often over step the boundary of freedom to plain insults. I am not surprised at these bans and the ISP’s should know they do not have a free reign and the same rules that apply to media outlets should apply here. That way porn and other filth on the internet can be cleared out.

  40. Meat - 23 Ocak 2012

    People seem to think modernization mean blind following of Western immorale values. This only leads to backward culture like western ones.

  41. regdutr - 28 Ocak 2012

    Как приподнять свою организацию в интернете? , что бы её можно было бы легко найти через поисковики

  42. Jan Alan Claire - 10 Temmuz 2012

    Why is Turkey not part of Google Earth’s Street View? It is a shame Turkey is losing out on billions of Lire merely because people cannot take tours of Turkey at the Street Level in order to look at hotels, resorts, and places they may have visit (like me) in their earlier years and want to visit again. Without any ability to get down to street level in Turkey, it becomes among the very few countries on earth not to allow that wonderful feature. Who may I contact to encourage a change in that policy?

  43. Danish - 22 Eylül 2012

    I rellay liked your I rellay liked your video and your channel. If you need any help getting this video or channel exposed I use a site called tubeviews.(net) It has rellay helped like 20 of my main videos get to the top in position. Its nice.Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery Nice. Thanks for the info. This was a video well well well worth watching. I have a friend that i’m going to send this video to, he will love it.

  44. Sam Sexton - 27 Mart 2014

    Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan has started a war on communication. He doesn’t like it when people exchange words. Presumably, when two Ministers in his cabinet have a dispute, he says to them: ‘Whatever you do, don’t talk to each other, that’s the worst way to resolve an argument’.”

    Great analysis here:

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