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Gun violence between two neighbors caught on CCTV in Turkey

Turkey Video News – Violence between two neighbors in Adapazarı, northwestern Turkey turned into a gun battle after the unknown dispute went out of control.

Adapazri Turkey gun battle on CCTV

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The violence was caught on CCTV as a pistol and a shotgun was used between the two neighbors in scenes which reminded one of a western movie.

Gun battle on street between two neighbors.

The incident took place at around midnight in the early hours of Wednesday where two neighbours were seen arguing on the Adapazarı Atatürk boulevard by CCTV.

According to reports, a man known only as Y.C. who came from Germany to Turkey for a holiday had an argument with youths on the street.

Then a man known as M.M. got involved in the argument which is when the violence started.

As Y.C and M.M were arguing, another male identified as A.M.M, came down with a baton and attacked Y.C.

The fight lasted for a few minutes and was stopped after local shop keepers and other neighbors got involved.

However moments later, Y.C who went to his home came back to the street and started firing into the air with a pistol.

A.M.M then came down and retaliated with a shotgun.

Moments later, A.M.M was seen running back to the apartment he was first seen after a malfunction in the shotgun he was using.

Y.C was seen chasing A.M.M but was unable to get into the building.

Police who came to the street moments later arrested four people, A.M.M., Y.Ç., S.Ş. and M.M.

Remarkably there were no reported injuries in the incident which lasted for over 10 minutes.

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