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Ecuador Death Toll: 45 Die from Adulterated Liquor
19 Ağustos, 2011 | 16:24
Adulterated Liquor Death Toll Rise in Ecuador

Adulterated Liquor Death Toll Rise in Ecuador

The death toll from consuming liquor adulterated with methanol rose to 45, and 161 cases of poisoning were reported, according to the most recent report from the Public Health Ministry in Ecuador.

One report informed that since the first cases were detected and until last Wednesday, 354 people were treated at health facilities, and 161 were confirmed cases of methanol poisoning. Other cases were still under investigation. The health ministry said the latest 10 deaths occurred in Tungurahua and Azuay provinces, both in the Andean region.

The poisoning was first detected on July 14, when deaths began to be reported from the same cause, mostly in Los Rios province, where 20 people died from this cause. Poisoning from boothleg liquor been confirmed in nine of the country’s 24 provinces, although suspected cases were being analyzed in the other 15. People poisoned by consuming the homemade liquor have been reported in 16 of the country’s 24 provinces.

Boothleg Liquor Death Toll Rise in Ecuador

Ecuador’s vice minister of health, Nicolas Jara, ordered “the immobilization of all liquors in Napo that have their origin in Tungurahua,” according to the information posted on Twitter.

Authorities seized a large quantity of alcoholic beverages that did not follow health requirements, shut down a number of establishments, and declared a dry law for several days in some provinces.


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