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Fidel Castro launches memories titled “Guerrillero del tiempo”
06 Şubat, 2012 | 14:53

Fidel Castro Ruz: Guerrillero del tiempo

The leader of the Cuban Revolution launched memories Titled “Guerrillero del tiempo”.Castro launched in this capital two volumes of his memories with the title: Fidel Castro Ruz: Guerrillero del tiempo.

The volumes which have around a thousand pages open with the first memories of the leader’s childhood, and they close on Dec 1958, before the triumph of the Revolution on January 1, 1959.

They are going to talk to you about two books on news you have not been reported, Fidel Castro commented in the Conventional Palace, few minutes before the launching this Friday.

These memories were the result of his conversations with Katiuska Blanco, writer and journalist.

The minister of Culture, Abel Prieto, and Miguel Barnet, president of the National Association of Cuban writers and Artists were responsible for the presentation of the volumes.

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  1. Roza - 07 Ağustos 2012

    I agree his choosing to not vote on the DOMA bill in 2003 sucks, KT. Maybe he and the oetrhs who abstained felt courageous by not voting yes for LGBT discrimination. Some probably even saw it as a bold vote for a first term, 20-something representative from a mostly Hispanic & Catholic district a decade ago. I appreciative Joaquin didn’t vote for DOMA like our progressive darlings at the time including Patrick Rose in the Texas House and Lloyd Doggett in the US House.Anyhow. . . . I’m thankful Joaquin has matured beyond his first session in the legislature and is now willing to help lead the fight for full equality for LGBT Americans. Castro’s support for marriage equality contrasts with Lloyd’s opposition. Congressman Doggett voted yes for federal DOMA, and he still opposes same sex marriage. I remember when Lloyd bold faced and proudly told me gay marriages should never be recognized the same as his and Libby’s. If Lloyd’s changed his position, I’d love to hear about it. But, a close, mutual friend recently confided to me that he still opposed LGBT marriage not only politically but in his heart.

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