“Friday of Rage”: Egypt fears wrath of the Muslim Brotherhood / Breaking News

Clashes in Egypt faces new Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood have called for mass demonstrations and a “Friday of Anger” – their opponents want to form vigilante groups. In the night it came to attacks on officials and police barracks.

Many Feared Dead As Egyptian Security Forces Clear Cairo Protest Camps

Clashes in Egypt faces new Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood have called for mass demonstrations and a “Friday of Anger” – their opponents want to form vigilante groups. In the night Friday of Rage it came to attacks on officials and police barracks.

The attacks by Islamists on authorities in Egypt continue. In the night of Friday, residents had to order policemen in al-Minia help to defend their barracks. A group of Islamists wanted to storm the building in the district of Abu carcass. Eyewitnesses told the news portal “youm7”, the police station was also set alight.

In the town of al-Arish in the Sinai Peninsula, the IRS building was set on fire. Local media also reported in the vicinity of Tahrir Square in Cairo were on Friday morning before the curfew shots were heard.

The Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islamic parties from the spectrum have called for new protests Friday afternoon against the military and the interim government. Some radical Islamists demanded the protesters on the messaging service Twitter to arm themselves. Thus Egypt threatens two days after the bloody eviction of the protest camp of the new Islamist violence.

“Tamarud” wants to protect vigilante mosques and churches

Of the Islamists it was said that it planned under the slogan “Friday of Rage” peaceful demonstrations. However, there is no guarantee that it will not also come to violence and arson attacks, said the Secretary General of the Islamic Party, Mohammed Abu Samra, the news portal of the Cairo newspaper “al-Masri al-Yawm”. Young people are very angry. The demonstrations will begin at all mosques of Cairo and lead towards Ramses Square, said the spokesman for the Brotherhood, Gehad al-Haddad, on Twitter.

Also, the protest movement Tamarud that the end of June organized mass protests against President Mohamed Morsi, called on the citizens to form on Friday in their neighborhoods vigilante groups to protect their homes and local mosques and churches from possible attacks by the Islamists. The Egyptian state television aired the evening calling Mahmoud Badr, the coordinator of the movement Tamarud from. He said that even ordinary citizens were able to distinguish between peaceful protests and armed.

Egypt criticized US President Obama’s remarks

Between the U.S. and allies Egypt, meanwhile, the sound is rough. Cairo criticized remarks by U.S. President Barack Obama sharply and accused him of false information. In the statement of the office of Interim President Adli Mansur it said in the early hours of Friday: “The Presidency is concerned that statements that are not based on correct facts, strengthen violent armed groups and encourage them in their resistance to stability and democratic transition could . ”

Obama had declared that the United States condemned the actions of the interim government and the security forces sharp. He deplored the violence against civilians and spoke out against the state of emergency imposed. The U.S. said from a traditional joint session of both armed forces. Given the events of the United States could their relationship with the land not currently carry on as usual, Obama said on the island of Martha’s Vineyard in the U.S. state of Massachusetts on Thursday from his resort. Continued his criticism but did not go.

The United States called on its citizens to leave because of the unrest in the country. All Americans were living there stopped to depart from the North African country, said the State Department in Washington on Thursday.

The UN Security Council on Thursday condemned the violence. At the same time, all parties were called the “aggression” set as Argentina’s representative Maria Cristina Perceval announced as President-after an emergency meeting of the Board.



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