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Greek Cypriot lunatics of Apollon Limassol attacked Galatasaray Women Volleyballers
15 Mart, 2012 | 16:01
Greek Cypriot lunatics of Apollon Limassol attacked Galatasaray Women Volleyballers

Greek Cypriot lunatics of Apollon Limassol attacked Galatasaray Women Volleyballers

Galatasaray women’s volleyball team have been attacked in Limassol by mad Greek Cypriot fans of Apollon Limassol, after Galatasaray abused the Greek women team with a 3-0 victory in CEV Cup.

Limassol / NationalTurk – The Galatasaray women’s volleyball team had to endure an attack by Greek cypriot fans after a game against the Greek Cypriot team Apollon Limassol.

Galatasaray players suffered the attack from home fans after beating Apollon Limassol 3-0 in an away game in the CEV Cup competition. Greek Cypriot fans threw seats, lighters and firecrackers at the Turkish team’s players. Turkish players were also negatively affected by the pepper spray used by Greek Cypriot police officers.

Greek Cypriots should be banned from international sports

Turkish Youth and Sports Minister Suat Kılıç strongly condemned the incident. “I condemn the Greek Cypriot violence against Turkish players at a time when the Greek Cypriot administration was getting ready for EU term presidency in an unfair and illegal manner,” Kılıç stated. ‘ I invite the international sports world to be more sensitive by not ignoring the violence perpetrated by Greek Cypriots against guest players. The Greek Cypriots should be banned from all international sports activities as they do not act in harmony with the Olympics spirit.”

Last year Pınar Karşıyaka, a Turkish men’s basketball team, came under attack by crazed Greek cypriot fans after a game with APOEL during the FIBA Men’s Euro Challenge Cup.

The European Volleyball Federation has just warned the Greek Cypriot club Apollon Limassol.


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3 Yorum

  1. Mana su - 16 Mart 2012

    This is fake.

  2. Bibliography - 16 Mart 2012

    i guess you have no need for facts in your articles. this is completely exaggerated ,uses provocative and racist language and is completely misleading. This should be banned. This is why hatred exists. Media like this.

  3. Bon Jovi - 16 Ekim 2012

    Turkish LIES…

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