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Iranian homosexuals flee to Turkey to escape torture and execution
26 Nisan, 2010 | 18:15

Turkey harbouring Iranian homosexuals who managed to escape torture and execution from Iran where homosexuality is illegal and if proven, punished by execution.

Two Iranian teenagers who were executed for being homosexual. At the time of arrest, one of the boys were 14 the other was 16-years-old.

Two Iranian teenagers who were executed for being homosexual. At the time of arrest, one of the boys were 14 the other was 16-years-old.

According to an article by the Washington Post Turkey is harbouring at least 92 homosexuals who managed to flee Iran as there are no visa required to pass from Iran to Turkey.

Most of the Iranian refugees have been placed by the Turkish government in the city of Kayersi, which is situated in Central East Turkey and is also the area where thousands of Iranian immigrants who fled Iran over the much disputed June presidential election, are situated.

Though, according to the Washington Post and some other newspapers, the Iranian homosexuals fear harassment and are told to lay low, there are no such credible findings on the matter.

Many of the Iranian homosexuals are trying to flee to first world countries, especially the Unites States as their living conditions in Kayseri are not adequate just like the living conditions of the Turkish citizens in the city are not.

Turkey never the less provides a much safer heaven for the Iranian lesbians and gays who were reportedly threatened by the Iranian government, co-workers, security officials and blackmailers who used them for sexual favours.

There are no official figures of the amount of homosexuals in Iran but rough estimates put the figure at about 200,000 in the country populated by 66 million people.

The figure comes by rough estimates from people who want sex change operations and the psychological reports of men going to the Iranian armed forces which is compulsory in the country.

Sex-change is legal in Iran and according to findings, many men opt to be operated on to be with the man or woman they love and to avoid harsh penalties.

The report comes three years after Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said at the Colombian University that “there are no gays in Iran, we do not have this phenomena.” to a crowed of students laughing and heckling to his comments.

There are currently 1.356 known Iranian immigrants in Turkey who mostly fled to the country as political asylum seekers or homosexuals fleeing from execution. According to estimates by Human Rights groups, approximately 4000 Iranian homosexuals have been executed since the Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979.

The Video bellow shows the executions of three Iranian homosexuals. The video contains extreme scenes of violence that some viewers may find offensive.

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  1. Ian - 04 Mayıs 2010

    this is a digrace all human is treated the same like it or not i am proud of who i am and all but hanging and punishment is not the answer just let them be happy how they feel and free

  2. Anonymous - 07 Haziran 2010

    Even though they were gay, let God judge them, not religion or any other political ideologies. Iran is under the cult of Islam. Free Iran from the cult of Islam, NOW!!!!!!!!!

  3. Greg - 18 Ağustos 2010

    they are only executed for repeated offenses

    and the offense is NOT being homosexual. The offense is being a flaming homo. That garbage needs to be kept a secret. Why promote your filth to others?

  4. jordan jacks - 18 Kasım 2010


  5. jhon - 09 Aralık 2010

    this is so fucked up let them be let god deal with it not you there is a reason its called hell and heaven not earth and knife or gun and execution and jordan jacks you sick ass fuck man how you like to be hanged and i say haha but thats why i should let god deal with you

  6. Helen - 26 Mart 2011

    They know the rules where they live but no one here goes through that. They fake things about here, like the protester that they said was killed, a female, was all over the TV here, very much alive. Dont be a cow

  7. mattymays - 22 Aralık 2011

    hi happy christmas to you all – matty mays

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