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Madonna arrives in Istanbul with an army of entourage for Turkey concert of MDNA tour 2012
06 Haziran, 2012 | 17:23
Turkey welcomes Madonna , the one and only Queen of Pop

Turkey welcomes Madonna , the one and only Queen of Pop

Madonna arrived in Istanbul, Turkey last night with an army entourage and heavy equipment. She is set to perform a concert on Thursday June 7at Istanbul’s Türk Telecom Arena as the 3rd concert of her MDNA World tour 2012.

Istanbul – NationalTurk – 3 airplanes carried Madonna and the quenn of pop’s 200 person army of entourage, including her children and their nanny. A red carpet was spread out for the superstar and Madonna was immediately surrounded by heavy security at the Ataturk Airport Istanbul.

Madonna ‘s equipment for her 3rd concert of MDNA World Tour 2012 was loaded then on to trucks that were waiting at the Istanbul airport, as the superstar herself moved on to the hotel.

Turkey welcomes Madonna , the one and only Queen of Pop

Madonna’s plane was originally destined for Istanbul’s Sabiha Gökçen airport, but plans changed when a special permit was issued for the plane to land at Atatürk Airport.

Madonna will perform at Türk Telekom Arena in Istanbul on June 7 as part of her Madonna World Tour 2012. Madonna will be touring for the first time in three years and Madonna Istanbul Concert 2012 will be her second concert in Turkey after 19 years.

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1 Yorum

  1. Sinan Öner - 08 Haziran 2012

    Welcome to Turkey, Madonna!
    I listened Madonna’s a lot of songs. I like her style.
    Sinan Öner

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