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Qatar Creates Anti-Syria Mercenary Force based in Turkey
30 Aralık, 2011 | 14:18
Shock ! Qatar mobilizes merc army in Turkey to overthrow Assad regime in Syria

Shock ! Qatar mobilizes merc army in Turkey to overthrow Assad regime in Syria

Qatar Creates 20000 strong Anti-Syria Mercenary Force based in Turkey, Israeli Media Reports.

Damascus /NationalTurk – Qatar finances and arms radical intervention force based in Turkey to activate it in Syria with the purpose to defeat the government of Tyrant president Bashar al-Assad reports the Israeli website DEBKAFile.

According to this report, which Cham Press Agency echoes today, that paid contingency made of mercenaries from several countries of the region plus radical Syrian from Muslim Brotherhood had named it Syrian Army of Liberation, DEBKAFile says.

Shock ! Qatar mobilizes merc army in Turkey to overthrow Assad regime in Syria

The statements specifies that the paid force by Doha had been mobilized in battalions and military brigades in camps in Turkish territory, with the consent of the Ankara government near the Turkey Syria border.

This month Syrian border guard had miscarried four infiltration attempts of armed groups, the last of them at dawn on Wednesday in Idleb, which left dead and wounded to the aggressors supported by a gang in Syrian territory.

Armed bands raid to Syria from Turkey?

A dispatch from Syrian SANA news agency taken from the authorities’ declarations of the northern province informed they seized the group a great quantity of weapons, military uniforms and modern communication devices.

The information from the Israeli media adds that Qatar decided to boost a plan after the defeat and dead of the Libyan leader Muammar El Gaddafi as the mercenary army took part in raids in Libya to support the demise of Muammar Gaddafi.

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