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Trans Fats Breast Cancer Correlation
30 Temmuz, 2011 | 11:33
Trans Fats: New Effects Found

Trans Fats: New Effects Found

A new study on cancer and nutrition sources was conducted in Europe, part of a broader study analyzing risk factors for cancer related to eating habits, lifestyle and reproductive factors in women.

The study revised and published by Professor Alberto Quirantes*

Trans fats containing products such as margarine, candy, sweet bread, crackers, French fries, etc., are made from vegetable oil. When industrially processed to solidify these product, these foods acquire another chemical configuration that is harmful to our health.

Trans Fats: New Effects Found

At one point, trans fats were considered the ideal substitute for saturated fats such as lard and other animal fats that contribute to the progressive obstruction of our arteries. Today, its within our knowledge that they are just as harmful, and every day, new effects on our health are confirmed.

The study selected 363 cases of breast cancer within a group of 19,934 French women. Their nutritional habits were analyzed with surveys, which tend to produce inexact conclusions. Blood samples also were taken, however, and certain biological markers or biomarkers were found in the blood serum, plasma and membranes of red corpuscles, reliable sources of information on average time of digestion for different types of fats during days, weeks and even years.

Trans fats cause breast cancer with higher risk.

These objectively provide greater reliability in determining these nutrients independently of their food source. Compared with control cases, evidence was discovered that those women with higher levels of trans fats (palmitoleic and elaidic acids) had a higher risk (from 50 to 200 percent) of breast cancer when compared to lower levels.

Elaidic acid is what appeared most frequently in industrially processed foods like sandwiches, crackers, pizzas, cakes and pastries sold in France from 1995-1996 and in 1999.

This valuable study was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology and its contribution has allowed us to make this brief review, so important for our population.

* Consulting professor and Chief of Endocrinology Services, Dr. Salvador Allende Teaching Hospital, Havana, Cuba.


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1 Yorum

  1. Dr. Anwar Ul Haque - 01 Ocak 2012

    Good study. Need further work up to identify the precise nature of carcinogens in order to avoid them. Early diagnosis is also imortant

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