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Turkey : Fury and dissapointment rages over 13 year old girl rape case
03 Kasım, 2011 | 11:00
Turkey : Fury and dissapointment rages over 13 year old girl rape case

Turkey : Fury and dissapointment rages over 13 year old girl rape case

Turkey Justice System wounded. The approving decision on the ruling in the 13 year old gang bang case has caused rage anf fury in all social segments in Turkey.

Ankara / NationalTurk – The 14th Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals upheld a Mardin local court’s decision on Monday, drawing criticism from all segments of Turkish society. Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin told reporters on Wednesday that the ruling had deeply disturbed all segments of society. ‘ But the justice minister underlined that the ruling was handed down according to the old TCK (Turkish Law) since the crime was committed before 2005 and that the new laws impose heavier punishments for those convicted in such cases. He also added that the Supreme Court of Appeals Criminal Council’s decision was not final and the ruling might be revised by a higher chamber witin the court.

Turkish government ministers and deputies from opposition parties all joined a protest regarding a court decision that lowers the sentence for 26 suspects who were tried for allegedly raping a 13 year old girl. The horrendous ruling had drawn fierce reaction from politicians as Family and Social PoliciesMinister Fatma Sahin was first to lash out at the ruling: Family and Minister Fatma Sahin called the ruling ‘unacceptable and worrying,’ in a written statement. ‘A child’s consent is not looked after the act committed against a minor who is categorized as being incapable of understanding the meaning and consequences of the deed’ she underlined.

Turkish Girl Raped by 27 : 26 Men + Justice System

The ruling by the Supreme Court of Appeals that upheld a lower court decision to reduce the sentences of 26 rapists convicted of unlawful sex with a 13-year-old bases his berdict upon the fact that the victim with initials N.C. at the the time of the gang bang rape only 13 years old, ‘consented’ to sexual intercourse. Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin said courts would never pass such judgements again. ‘This ruling shows the decay in the judiciary system’ declared Kemal Kilicdaroglu, leader of Turkey’s main opposition party CHP, the Republican People’s Party.

Turkey : Children and Women Need more protection

The Turkish Supreme Court of Appeals approved a decision on Monday by the Mardin 1st High Criminal Court to give 26 suspects, tried for raping a 13 year old minor in the southeastern province of Mardin. Sentences ranging from one to six years have been given in a trial earlier this year. The local court had justified its decision based on the victim’s alleged “consent” during sexual intercourse.

Turkey’s failure to protect its children and women from rapists was inherently connected to patriarchal attitudes, such as the government’s move last year to change the name of the women’s ministry to the Ministry of Family and Social Policy.

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  1. MIN - 03 Kasım 2011

    that is the most stupid thing ever there never going to get in the EU they don’t have human rights :@

  2. Gayle R. - 08 Kasım 2011

    I would love to ask the judges how they would have ruled if the 13-year old girl had been their daughter or granddaughter. Somehow I believe they would have come to a much different answer and it would have come much quicker. I wonder how they can live with themselves after their inhumane decision.

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