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Turkey USA Embassy Bombing:US Ambassador Ankara That attack will not affect Turkey – US relations / Breaking News
01 Şubat, 2013 | 15:34

The U.S. Ambassador to Ankara, Francis Ricciardone, told reporters outside the embassy building that Washington’s close cooperation with Turkey on the incident will continue.

“This attack will not affect Turkish-American relations and we still see you as a friend,” Francis Ricciardone said.

Speaking to reporters alongside Ricciardone, Ankara Governor Alleaddin Yüksel confirmed reports that two people were killed and one wounded, saying all necessary measures were taken by authorities after the attack. Yüksel also thanked security forces for their quick response.

The U.S. embassy issued a written statement saying that necessary measures had been taken. “We thank Turkish authorities for their rapid intervention,” it said, noting that they will share more information as it becomes available, Anatolia news agency reported.


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