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Turkey will ruin Annan’s Syrian mission, claims tabloid Russian newspaper / Syria Politics
27 Mart, 2012 | 11:53
Turkey and PM Erdogan : Does he have own agenda regarding Syria's fate ?

Turkey and PM Erdogan : Does he have own agenda regarding Syria's fate ?

UN envoy Kofi Annan ‘s six-point peace plan for Syria is supported by long-time Syria ally Russia. Annan flies to Beijing to carry out the Syrian plan with China and Russia, but Russian newspaper claims Turkey will sabatoge it amid major hurdles within and outside Syria. Syria Politics

Moscow / NationalTurk – Kofi Annan discussed his Syria peace plan during his three-day visit to Moscow prior his visit to China with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov. Russian administration backed Kofi Annan’s roadmap for peace in Syria, which calls on Syrian Assad regime and ‘ Free Syrian Army ‘ to declare a ceasefire and to conduct inclusive political talks.

Camille Otrakji, an editor for the Syria Comment online magazine, believes it is difficult to foresee the outcome of Kofi Annan’s mission of conducting peace talks for Syria.

Syria peace plan : Too many players involved in Syrian crisis, both within and outside of Syria

‘ There are too many players calculating, ‘ the editor told RT, a Russian tabloid newspaper known for publishing biased reports. ‘ I don’t think there is any plan that can meet the needs of all the people. It can meet the needs of the people who found themselves in the middle of the political spectrum.’

Otrakji stated he firmly believes those on the extremes, on the one hand those in favor of making Bashar al-Assad president for life, and on the other those in favor of putting him on trial, would not be satisfied with the newest Syrian peace plan.

Syrian opposition is extremely fractured

‘ However, most of the Syrian people have demands that are easier to accommodate ‘ he expressed and pointed out
that the Syrian opposition was extremely fractured.

‘ The opposition in Syria vary from the Communists to the Islamists and everything in between, ‘ he stated. ‘Most of the opposition leaders in Syria are still afraid to sign onto this peace plan because they’re afraid they will lose the respect of what they call the street, which is the extremists in the opposition. But they would have to be a bit more courageous a show up for the dialog process.’

Otrakji recalled that there was already a precedent for this roadmap laid out by UN emissary Kofi Annan :

‘ We have the Arab League’s initiative,’ he noted. ‘ And the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad surprised the Arab League by being very accommodating and motivated to help the plan work. It was a failure because Qatar and Saudi Arabia, leadin countries of the Arab League did not want to continue because they expected the Syrian government to fail to respect it.’

Turkey and Prime Minister Erdogan wants an active role in resolving the Syrian conflict

He also mentioned the report issued by the Arab League also failed Qatar’s and Saudi Arabia’s expectations as it mostly blamed the Syrian opposition for initiating the violence in Homs.

Otrakji also claimed that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan may try to derail Kofi Annan’s mission for peace in Syria calling the Turkish Prime Minister a ‘ troublemaker ‘.

‘ I think the real troublemaker is going to be Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan,’ he expressed ‘ He already attacked Kofi Annan because he did not consult everyone before he proceeded with his plan of peace and dialog.’

Turkish PM Erdogan has its own plan on Syria’s fate

He said that Tayyip Erdogan had his own plan regarding the fate of Syrian protests and unrest and that Kofi Annan’s success would mean that the Turkish leader would have no role to play in the conflict.

‘I’m afraid he will do all he can to make it fail through his proxies in Syria, which is mainly the Muslim Brotherhood,’ Otrakji claimed.

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