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Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan : We do not cry for the deaths of PKK terrorists
09 Ekim, 2012 | 15:29
Diyarbakır polis chief on a roll : I get touched by terrorists

Diyarbakır polis chief on a roll : I get touched by terrorists

Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan has responded to Diyarbakır police chief Recep Güven’s recent expression of sympathy over the deaths of PKK militants, stating the Turkish government does not weep for the demise of ‘ terrorists.’

Ankara / NationalTurk – ‘ We do not cry for a terrorist who killed our sons and died during these efforts,’ Erdoğan said today in response to the Diyarbakır police chief. ‘ We do not use such expressions to please some people. Leave politics to politicians. Everyone should do their friggin job. ‘

Diyarbakır police chief Recep Güven previously stated that people who were not touched by the death of a terrorist on the mountain were not human beings.

Recep the touched Güven also mentioned he cried for the ‘lost sons ‘ who went up to the mountains, according to Anatolian news agency.

‘ I could not offer him a normal life, and could not prevent him to be terrorized,’ Güven continued.

Diyarbakır polis chief on a roll : I get touched by terrorists

‘ I get touched by every terrorist. Tears and blood should not be Diyarbakır’s fate. This is a very beautiful region with its history and people. It raised very kind people, but now we are producing monsters, why? Due to the lack of inspection, control and because we cannot reach our people and cannot provide human-focused services, that’s all. We are all partly responsible for a child’s going up to mountains. Why don’t I make self-criticism?” the touched police chief cried.

Recep Güven also said he would begin learning Kurdish to set an example to colleagues.

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