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22 dead Mexico: Mexican soldiers perpetrated massacre / Breaking News

Mexico Army Slayings

Mexican soldiers shot the end of June, 22 people. The armed forces had only defended himself, it is said of the army. Now contradicts a witness: the soldiers had committed a massacre.

The report of a witness casts doubt on the statements of the Mexican army for killing more than 20 people. In rural southern Mexico soldiers had shot dead 22 people on June 30. According to the army a criminal gang had taken the armed forces under fire. The soldiers had returned fire to defend themselves. On page 21 of the gang men and a woman died in the shootout in San Pedro Limon. There but only one soldier was injured.

The Associated Press has now made ​​a witness identified. The woman claimed that the soldiers had their 15-year-old daughter and the other victims killed after they had surrendered. Before the fatal shooting of the victims were running with their hands from a warehouse. The woman was in his own words on the building when the shooting occurred.

Even before the statement of the witness, there had been doubts about the version of the army. According to AP, there are no traces at the scene of a major firefight. Instead, several sites had similar patterns exhibited on the walls of the warehouse: Bullet holes with large splashes of blood. It look like it, that people would have stood on the wall and were shot from close range in the chest.

Now the prosecutor is to solve the case. Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto more questions from the dubious role of the army. The United States has asked the neighboring state, to investigate the case. It is imperative that the deaths of the victims would be considered credible.

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