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Al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq: New theocracy in the Middle East / Breaking News

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Islamists take advantage of the chaos in Syria and Iraq – and build a new theocracy. An al-Qaida militia has set in the border area between the two countries, it already controls several cities. Her trademark extreme brutality.

To the Iraqi city of Fallujah rages a fierce battle. The fighters of the militia “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (ISIS) have there proclaimed a theocracy. Her black al Qaeda flag is flying over parts of the city. The ISIS-fighters patrolling the streets in black uniforms and masks that covered their faces.

Not only in Iraq also in many villages and towns in Syria ISIS has now “Emirates”, theocracies proclaimed, in which the respective “Emir”, a ISIS commander, sets the tone. The militia is cross-border. You can not be in an Iraqi and a Syrian split part. Fight in their ranks many experienced jihadists, even non-Arab, such as Chechnya.

ISIS focuses particularly on the sparsely populated, peripheral desert regions of Syria and Iraq. There are areas in which the influence of the tribes is traditionally large, often across borders. Who and what as the boundaries crossed in Nothing is difficult to control. Smugglers have an easy time here. An Overview:

North and north-eastern Syria: In this part of the country for over one and a half years, has lost the regime of Bashar al-Assad in control. Since then, various rebel groups and civil groups try to fill the power vacuum. Since 2013 they have new, brutal competition: the ISIS fighter. Dozens of Syrian activists were arrested by the ISIS extremists in the last year, some murdered. The radicals to conquer strategically important places such as border crossings with Turkey by other rebels managed. In the first days of 2014, the ISIS-fighters gave again battles with other rebel militias in the province of Aleppo.

Northwestern Iraq: In the provinces of Nineveh and Anbar, the central government in Baghdad has little to say. In this mainly Sunni part of the country, many are unsatisfied. People feel neglected and patronized by the Shia-dominated government. Since 2012, it comes there are protests, which were partly brutally dispersed by the special forces of Baghdad. Last Baghdad had to withdraw its security forces to prevent an escalation. This opportunity took advantage of the ISIS-fighters to attack the main cities of the region.

Al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq: The Radicals build on cross-border theocracy

Many ISIS fighters know each other in the border region well : They are veterans of the fight against the U.S. soldiers who invaded Iraq in 2003. The jihadists often traveled through Syria purely in Iraq. The Syrian regime of Bashar al -Assad helped the ISIS – like warriors , eventually you had with Washington a common enemy.

The logistics of ISIS extends over the border region and works in both directions . If it is possible ISIS to free al -Qaeda fighters from Iraqi prisons , dip the little later on in Syria. Conquered ISIS weapons in Syria , do these also in Iraq.

Originally ISIS was founded in Iraq with the support of the central leadership of al-Qaida . However, the ISIS chief Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi has now verstritten with Qaeda chief Ayman al -Zawahiri .

Meanwhile, in Syria, the militia is often no longer called ” Daasch ” after their Arab shortcuts , but increasingly ” Daula ” , translated : State because it begins to fulfill precisely this role. The extremists rely on carrots and sticks .

Source: ISIS tries in areas controlled by their fighters areas, electricity, water, gasoline, bus and restore the food supply, a classic “winning hearts and minds” strategy to win the support of the local population.

Reign of Terror: In the ISIS theocracies a literal interpretation of the Sharia, the Islamic law applies. To make an example, ISIS had already executed a teenager because of a joke. Critics and dissenters are being brutally persecuted. There are secret ISIS prison where torture. If Alawite or Shiite Syrians ISIS fighters fall into their hands, they have to expect to be brutally murdered because of their different faith. Even churches have desecrated the ISIS extremists.

Indoctrination: In Syria, they organize Islam quiz competitions for children and provide education on to their liking. On posters promoting one full veiling of women and threaten Syrian women who do not want to adapt. The ISIS extremists want to shape the customs and culture in their areas for decades.

US President Obama is clueless

The dream of ISIS is to establish a theocracy in Iraq and throughout the Levant region, so in addition to Syria and Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Israel, with particularly Jerusalem as a holy city exerts a special attraction. Thus, it is likely for the foreseeable future be nothing.

However, from the Syrian- Iraqi border region , the extremists will probably disappear as quickly . If it is possible the Iraqi security forces to push back the ISIS fighter again , they will probably consolidate on the other side of the border again until the next attack .

The USA ISIS on its terrorist list. Washington supports the Iraqi government to arms transfers against the extremists . Ironically, Iraq’s government is allied with Syria’s Bashar al -Assad , whose resignation Washington calls regularly.

In Syria, the U.S. government does not really know whom to support them. The Syrian rebel groups fighting now not only against Bashar al -Assad but also against the extremists , Washington provides rather not , no civilian goods more like drugs or cell phones. In the U.S., the first voices are loud, demanding that they should rather be back with Assad to work together against the extremists , although he had only promoted ISIS targeted .

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