“Aquadom” burst: the hotel is still closed

Almost a million liters of water completely destroyed the lobby of the Hotel Dom Aquarée in Berlin. A reopening is not yet to be thought of.

A month after the large aquarium in a Berlin hotel burst, the accommodation remains closed. It is of course planned to reopen the hotel, said a spokesman for the hotel of the German Press Agency. “We can’t say when that will be the case.”

The exact damage caused by the bursting aquarium cannot be quantified. “The damage is very large. It is difficult to assess more precisely,” said the spokesman. The employee, who was slightly injured in the incident, was released from the hospital before Christmas.

DDR Museum closed until the end of March

On December 16, the large aquarium “Aquadom” with 1,500 fish in the Berlin hotel near Alexanderplatz burst. Two people – an employee and a guest – were slightly injured. Almost all fish died. According to the building owner, around 630 fish were rescued from the underground breeding tanks. The cause of the bursting is not yet clear.

Meanwhile, the clean-up work continues at the other stores affected by the water masses. For example, ceilings and some walls will be removed from Monday in the DDR Museum. The museum has been closed since the incident. “Nothing broke directly with us,” said a spokeswoman. “The water has been pushed through the walls and through the ceiling.” As a result, the walls in the GDR prefab apartment that was built up had become damp and the ceiling was partially coming down.

But: “We were able to save all cultural assets.” The opportunity is now being taken to redesign the front part of the museum. “We will make the first part of the exhibition more open by March 31 and also ensure wheelchair access to our exhibition,” said the spokeswoman.

It is unclear how things will continue with Aquarium

A spokesman for the building owner said this week that the selection of a central expert is currently underway. The official order could therefore be awarded in January. After the clean-up work and the establishment of security in the affected part of the building, the conditions for “construction site operation” were created, it said.

“The clearing of the building will probably be completed in January – an important milestone in order to be able to ramp up operations in all affected areas step by step.” How the aquarium will continue and whether it should be rebuilt has so far remained open.

Large aquarium in Berlin-Mitte burst – dead fish everywhere

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