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Rolling Stones in Berlin: It’s only rock and roll … / Breaking News

Richards, Jagger, Wood of the Rolling Stones perform during their "14 on Fire" show at Waldbuehne in Berlin

But they also have in retirement still on it: For the first time in seven years, the Rolling Stones played back in Germany. Their concert in Berlin ranged between great rock show.

If the had seriously asked: The forest stage still stands. Neither were broken benches, even the stage was stormed. Instead, it was like to enthusiastic clapping to the beat, as one might have experienced even at a concert by Hansi Hinterseer. The audience of the Rolling Stones has grown old along with the once “hardest band in the world”, and also a bit mild.

1965 saw that after the first Berlin performance by the British rockers still quite different. A deep gulf of incomprehension between the gaping infected by Rock’n’Roll Youth and the vigilantes of the Federal Republic. The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” wrote morosely from the “ape-like” dance moves of the singer and prophesied of the “primitive” music no future.

And what did the young Berlin? Hang Elten to the dismay of the band on stage and disassembled, as the Stones disappeared after only 20 minutes without adding half the open-air theater that was once the Nazis had celebrated German games, into its component parts. The Rock’n’Roll had put its destructive, cathartic impact force to the test, and this is all before Mick Jagger at all only the text of “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Street Fighting Man” had written.

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